Will you make a specific file for me?

Yes, you can make a custom order.

How can I download the files?

There will be a download link just after purchase. They will also be emailed to you automatically.

How many different effects can I achieve at once?

Humans are limitless. But it’s easiest to focus on one thing at a time and do it regularly. Try focusing on subjects that make you feel good.

When your contentment with one area of your life increases, the rest of your desires come to life all on their own. So focus on one thing and become a champion of that. Many people have their work life, social life, and sex life coming alive, simply because they became really good at that one thing they wanted.

Transform Hypnosis is not intended to cure any ailment or disease. It is meant to make you feel alive and transformed with your wishes. If you feel vibrant, that’s all that you need!

How can I increase the effectiveness?

1. Meditation. This drops the brain down into the lower brainwave level, the same way that hypnosis does. You can lower your brainwave level instantly by relaxing and letting go of any worries. So relax. Enjoy everything that you possibly can.

2. Pretend it’s working already. You might notice that you were just holding yourself back the whole time. Pretending it’s already working lets your mind know that it’s totally safe to do what you really want to happen.

3. Be Happy. This is the whole point. If you could skip everything and just get to this, then you have made it.

Will the effects still work if I play it during sleep?

Not really, but this still works for many people. Unless you are listening to one that is intended to be used as a loop, which would be more effective for this type of thing.
Do not worry if you fall asleep while listening. it can be difficult to tell if you are asleep or under trance.

How will I know if I am really experiencing trance?

There is no defined boundary between real life and trance. All of your life experience is a certain kind of hypnosis. When you read a book, that is a trance. When you are focused on driving on the highway, that is also a trance. We all do it constantly. Don’t worry about it.

Muscle & Fitness

Will growth trances add muscle to my entire body or just certain parts?

Typically it will affect your entire body. However, the areas that you focus on, think about, and enjoy most will see the most profound effect.

How long will it take to see results?

It may take a month or more, the same as regular exercise.

Will the no-workout growth trance still work if I also work out?

Yes, in fact it will work even better.


My file will not download
If you are on mobile, make sure you try again a few times. Some mobile users need to do multiple attempts. Also try downloading on a computer and then switch it over to your device if you want it on there. Send a reply to the email you receive if you need any help. You will be sent another download link if needed.

My order is not going through, what can I do?
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Is it safe to use my credit card info?
Absolutely. Just like any other legitimate store, this site encrypts all the payment data before sending. Your info will never be shared.


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