Raves And Reviews

My boss has noticed a change in me since I’ve been listening to your files and gave me a raise. He said my attitude is what we need more of around here. Thank you. Now I know what it feels like to be a real man.


Love my custom file. Got it in a couple of days. Everything I asked for, and more!


Pretty freaking amazing! if you get the chance, get a custom file! I found myself not wanting it to end! THANK YOU!!!


I have ordered 2 files so far from Jack and they were both complete within 3 days. The 1st file was great but not 100% since I didn’t fully describe what I wanted, so he added on to it and gave an improved version back to me in 1 day. The 2nd file was absolutely perfect. They were certainly worth the money for me and I was more than happy with what I was given. If you order, try to be as descriptive as possible so Jack can give you a file that you truly want. Jack isn’t just another hypnotist grabbing gobs of your money and then giving you a rough draft of what you asked for, he truly cares about his work and takes his trade (is hypnotizing a trade?) very seriously. Top notch hypnotist and my most favorite one too.


I just wanted to say thank you now that I know you read these.. At a time in my life when all has gone away or turned negative and my thoughts have gone dark and hopeless, you have turned on a part of me from 40 yrs away I put away and forgot. Importantly this part gives me light and reason to go on and when I watch you videos a smile. What you have given me unknowning to you is something in life I could never repay or put a price on.


This file is perfect! It’s not just relaxing but makes you feel so good. The sound, the music, and the voice all work together to relax and inspire.


Jack is talented professional. He masters his work very well. The new amazing custom file helped me to acheive goals now day by day…. so relaxing. Thank you Jack.

Tom Langer

You are a talented and creative guy, and very sensitive, open, and accepting as well, and I appreciate that incredibly! Thanks!


Jack is really making me go deeper in his induction. It begin with his free youtube videos and then i bought a file. I don’t feel the same when i am listening to him, he make me want to be the best version of me.

Steven D.

Jack has an amazing way of mixing submission and nurturing both at the same time. I really love my custom file, great investment! Jack makes me feel sooo good I listen to my file at least twice a day! Just can’t get enough. Best hypnosis file I’ve ever listened to. Thanks Jack


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