Train your mind so that you are accustomed to speaking from higher in the throat and head. This makes you sound much more feminine.
Half of your attractiveness and femininity comes from your voice alone. After all, people experience you mostly in the form of sight and sound.
After listening to this, you will automatically and easily speak in a higher tone, and your vocal cords will relax so much that they naturally vibrate to make your voice clear and high-pitched.
This recording was created with consultation and scripting from an incredibly cute and feminine trans girl (with an amazing voice!). She provided guidance, but this file was recorded by Jackson, with a male voice.
Stop settling and start living with your REAL voice!


  1. Danika Hicks

    Day 1: seems to have an immediate effect. And that’s fun. It is still tok soon to tell how low long it’ll “stick”, but it passes the *woke up from trance* test ~♡

  2. Jaz

    A much hotter file than I was expecting. Very happily surprised!

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