Coach makes a sports hero using jock hypnosis

Coach holding clipboard, ready to use trance to make a man stronger

“Hey, Coach? I’ve been struggling on the field for a bit and I could use some help. Are you here?” Steve knocked again, after getting no answer. “Coach?” He opened the door to his coach’s office and Steve found the man staring intensely at his computer. “Coach, are you feeling okay?” The middle-aged man stayed […]

Making A Bodybuilding Jock

Hypnotized man posing and flexing muscles in mirror

As I’ve discussed before, I’m a gym instructor. It’s a very rewarding job, and it feels great to take someone and turn them into their best self. A little while back, I walked into the dressing room after another shift when I saw a teen sitting with his hands in his hair. I asked him […]

Life with the Dumb Bodybuilding Center

woman grabbing muscular chad man's hair

See bodybuilding muscle files  My name is Jack and I am a gym instructor. It is a tasking job, but sometimes, it just comes in as something I enjoy doing…. Hypnotizing jocks to grow muscles. I got home early today, namely by 6 pm. Usually, when I have lots of clients, I would stay up […]

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