Coach makes a sports hero using jock hypnosis

Coach makes a sports hero using jock hypnosis

“Hey, Coach? I’ve been struggling on the field for a bit and I could use some help. Are you here?” Steve knocked again, after getting no answer.
He opened the door to his coach’s office and Steve found the man staring intensely at his computer. “Coach, are you feeling okay?”
The middle-aged man stayed quiet. “Coach?”
Steve moved up to him, noticing the earbuds in his ears. He then glanced at the screen and looked in horror. The coach was watching some weird spiral.
Coach Brandon noticed the shocked teen and pulled his earbuds out. “Oh, hey there Steve, what’s up buddy?”
Steve began backing off. “What the hell were you watching?”
Brandon looked back at his computer and realized the situation.
“Oh haha, don’t worry about that. It helps me a lot. What did you want to talk to me about?” Steve opened the door and smiled awkwardly.
“Never mind Coach, I’ll figure it out on my own. See ya!”
Brandon tried to call after him, but Steve slammed the door after him and ran towards the cafeteria.

“So I went in there, and he was just sitting there. Watching his computer, staring at some spiral. I swear I saw him drool at one point!”
Steve looked around and noticed a few of his friends give him an odd look, including his best bro Tyler.
“Ty? What’s up?” Tyler laughs.
“Bro, a lot of us have done it, haven’t you? Sports hypnosis is all the rage at the moment.” Steve couldn’t believe his ears. “What? Are you saying you’ve all been…”
Steve had issues to find the words, so Tyler jumped in.
“Hypnotized, yes. We’ve all been hypnotized jocks at some point. Remember when I had had it with football and I just wanted to be lazy, but the next day I doubled my gym time? When I told coach I wanted to quit he told me to watch a video. Next thing I saw when I woke up was a great spiral and Coach calling someone, clearly loving the appraisal. Steve stood up and left, deeply confused. He heard his bros call after him but he had to be alone for a bit.

After checking all the stalls and finding them to be empty, Steve sat down on one of the toilets to try and make sense of what was going on. He sat with his head between his knees until he heard the door open and footsteps draw closer.
“One of my boys told me you were having some… Issues with the jock Hypno. How about you talk to me.” The voice was very soothing and Steve felt a little mellowed out.
“It’s just… weird to me, you know? I don’t know how hypnosis can help any of us with playing football…”
The voice let out a laugh.
“That’s something I hear a lot. How about you come over to Coach’s office after your classes this afternoon and I’ll tell you more about it. I’m sure I can convince you that it works.”
The voice fell quiet for a moment, waiting for Steve’s response, but after a minute of silence, the man walked to the door.
“You know where to find me,” he said and exited.
Steve cracked open the door and noticed he was alone again, so he stepped out, washed his hands and went on with his day.

The lessons he had after the chat in the bathroom never seemed duller. With a late chemistry lesson to come, Steve decided to ditch school and just go home to relax. On his way to the bike storage, he passed by the sports faculty. The voice’s promises rung clearly in his head. He mulled over all his options carefully. Deep in thought, he suddenly saw a shiny object in front of him which brought him out of his trance-like state. Looking up, he realized that he had walked to the faculty and now was standing in front of the door. Steve sighed, accepting his consciousness’s signs about his curiosity and opened the door.

Steve made his way to the back of the building where his coach’s office was and listened at the door. He heard two voices, the soothing voice from before and another monotonous one. He was about to knock on the door when he overheard the man tell someone to “just relax his muscles and chill.”
Steve slowly lowered his fist and a dopey grin appeared on his face as he stood there. A few moments afterwards he woke up, feeling very refreshed. It was a tad confusing until he looked at his watch and noticed that the ‘few moments’ had been 5 minutes. He felt a little embarrassed for eavesdropping and falling in a trance so he turned around. After a step, he heard the door open behind him.
“Steve? You’re earlier than expected, don’t you have chemistry now?”
Steve turned back around and saw the man behind the voice. He had expected a tall person with impressive stature and was not disappointed, as the man was definitely above 6 feet tall. He heard a cough behind them and saw Tyler trying to exit the office. “Thank you dude, I feel a lot better about the upcoming game! Oh hey there Steve!”
The man put his back against the door to let Tyler out.
“You here for Coach? He went home for the day. I’ll walk with you to the bikes, let’s go.”
Steve considered for a second. “Nah bro, I’m here for him.” Tyler cocked his head and raised his eyebrows in surprise.
“I thought… Never mind, well have fun then!” Tyler gave Steve a bro-hug and walked out.

“Have you been standing here for a while? Did you catch anything from that session?” Steve gave a vaguely dismissive answer. “Anyway, I’m Jack. Are you ready to do some fitness hypnosis?”
Steve shook Jack’s hand, shrugged and went inside. They sat down on the chairs and talked for a while. Steve felt himself open up slowly and started talking about more of his feelings and problems.
“So when I found out about the whole jock hypnosis thing, I was coming to Coach with a problem related to football!”
Jack took a sip of coffee and asked him to elaborate. “Well, a few matches ago I had a bit of a nasty fall. Bruised my ankle quite badly. Took a week to recover fully. But now during the training sessions, I noticed that I have a slight tendency to flinch!”
Jack nodded. “Yes, I can see how that’d be problematic. Let me guess, you’ve also started to slack off at practice and even considered quitting?”
Steve looked down and blushed a bit. “It’s okay if you’ve had those feelings, we’ve all had them. And at those times, we need someone to help us get back to our usual selves! I can do that for you. I can return your sports obsession to what it should be.”
Steve glanced at Jack’s face to try and find any signs of maliciousness, but he seemed completely sincere. “Fine. Let’s do this.”

A minute or two later, Steve was laying down on the couch in the office. He was told to get as comfortable as possible and the big green couch was just the spot. Jack locked the door as to not be disturbed during the session and he moved the chair to the end of the couch with Steve’s head.
“So Steve, are you ready? Nice and comfy for the jock hypnosis?”
Steve mumbled a yes and Jack started some calming music.
“Now let’s start by closing your eyes and relaxing your shoulders. Just loosen your muscles and listen to my voice.” Steve did as he was told, finding it very easy to ease up and shut his eyes.
“Good. Now we’re going to focus on our breathing. Deep breath in… Deep breath out… Follow my breathing and you’ll start to notice a wave of relaxation wash over you as your heart rate slows to a nice resting rate.”
The second Jack mentioned the wave, Steve felt his legs give a pleasurable tingle.
“Feels so good to just relax, take deep breaths and listen to my voice.” Steve felt himself slipping away in this pleasurable bliss, completely mellowed out.

“Now Steve, you mentioned that you want to fix the trauma you got which causes you to perform inadequately on the field, so let’s focus on that. Imagine yourself in that game. What’s happening?”
A frown appeared on Steve’s sleepy face. “I’ve got the ball and I’m about to toss it to a teammate as an opponent charges at me from my blind spot and makes me fall. I twist my ankle and need to be swapped out. Because of that, we lost the match.”
Jack nodded. “And that’s why you’re struggling at the moment. So let’s try and work this out. Think of that moment again. Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?”
Steve’s face relaxed again. “I’d make sure I know of that blind spot, which allows me to dodge the attacker, pass the ball and win us the match.”
Jack smiled at Steve’s beaming face.
“Good. Now I want you to relax for a little longer, enjoy the feeling of winning and when you’re ready, I’ll wake you back up.”
They sat there in silence for a few minutes longer until Steve signaled that he was done.

Afterwards, Steve walked home feeling better than ever. He couldn’t believe how great it had felt to be hypnotized and he was sure he could take anyone on the field now. The following practice session was proof of that, as he performed better than ever, gaining praise from his coach and fellow mates. Following the training, they all showered together. Tyler smacked Steve on the back.
“We told you visiting Jack would be great for you!”
Steve laughed and admitted that they had been right.
“Jack helped me out, dude.”
At the end of the day, Steve returned to the physical education faculty to thank Jack. He knocked on Coach’s door and was greeted by Brandon’s beaming smile.
“Heya kid! Jack’s not here at the moment, but he told me to give you this!”
He fumbled in his pockets before fishing out a USB-stick with ‘Steve’ written on it with a sharpie.
“I’ve got a file to watch before I go home, so if you don’t mind I’m gonna go back to that. See you tomorrow!”
Steve smiled, said goodbye and went home. Upon his arrival, he immediately ran upstairs to his room and plugged the stick into his laptop. A window popped up and while it was loading, Steve instinctively grabbed his headphones and plugged them in. A spiral appeared on the screen and when he pressed start, he was immediately lost in the center of the rotations. He heard Jack’s calming voice in his ears, telling him about how proud he was and that they were going all the way to the NFL at this rate. Steve smiled, happy that he had allowed Jack to convince him to let himself be helped. He was going to receive weekly files like the rest of his friends, starting with this one. The spiral continued to swirl as Steve took in all the information and suggestions. After what felt like 5 minutes but was half an hour, Steve finished listening and closed the file. The grogginess quickly disappeared as he went to search online for some weights, as Jack had just sent him a new workout. He also had to schedule a talk with his mentor, as his major needed to be fixed.
If only he had met Jack earlier in his life, then he could have saved himself the trouble of going through all that boring shit and just be this sports-obsessed hypnotized jock!

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