Doing Hypnosis That Actually Works (Ep.2)

You want to become better at doing hypnosis? In the previous episode, I touched briefly on some things that prevent hypnosis from being effective and actually working on you. Some of it might not be you! It might be what you’re hearing. But what makes hypnosis effective? Let’s go into depth on that. Here I […]

Why Doesn’t Hypnosis Work On You? (Ep.1)

In this first talk, I go in depth on why hypnosis might not be working for you, and what you can do to make it work. There are common pitfalls and individual issues that prevent it from happening to you. I also talk about using different types of content from different creators, and which ones will work best. Subliminals could be a solution, but usually only for a particular type of person. Do healing frequency audios work? To get a better idea on your ideal solution, we need to go deeper and talk about all of it in this audio.

Do Drugs/Alcohol Make Hypnosis Work Better?

Approximately 15% of the adult population has experienced hypnosis in one form or another, according to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) (2016). This is speaking only of traditional hypnosis, of course. 100% of people experience forms of hypnosis such as watching a movie, driving on the highway, or getting so lost […]

A Did-List is Vastly Superior to a To-Do List

Everyone’s got a To-Do List. You live your entire adult life with your to-do list, and  You’ll die with your to-do list, too. It will never end. Have you ever noticed that when you cross off one item from your to-do list, two more items seem to appear? It’s a never-ending task list. Lets be […]

Insanely Productive Hypnosis File Guide

High productivity hypnosis

How to Use the Insanely Productive Audio File The Insanely Productive audio file is designed to help you make better choices, and take actions immediately, so that you can get a crazy amount of stuff done quickly. It can be anything– cleaning your house, completing your schoolwork, or making more money. The audio file is […]

Anatomy of a powerful hypnosis file that actually works (10 steps)

Maybe you want to start making your own hypnosis files. Maybe you’re just curious about it. Either way, Let’s dive into one of many different formulas that people use to make great hypnotic content. How I figured out the formula When I started making hypnosis files, I thought they were pretty fantastic. But I started […]

The best ROI for your life is simple.

There’s ONE single thing that you can invest in that will always net you the biggest gains for the amount that you put in. Books! As simple as that. Often overlooked in today’s fast-paced social media world. But if you can slow down and take in a book, you will absorb a wealth of knowledge. […]

Listening to hypnosis files all night–does it work?

Let’s explore hypnosis during sleep. I see it a lot. Someone is excited to have their brain completely changed so they want to listen to hypnosis all night. They may think that hypnosis is incredibly similar to sleep. The brainwave patterns lower. You go into a dreamy, sleepy state of mind. Your body control may […]

The worst wealth creation book you should read–Think and Grow Rich

Being handed money

So you want to become an entrepreneur. Whether that means making an extra 50 bucks a month or 50k a month, it’s kind of similar. How is it similar? Well, if you’re the type of person that can make a little without even having a job, then you’re the type with the capability to make […]

Coach makes a sports hero using jock hypnosis

Coach holding clipboard, ready to use trance to make a man stronger

“Hey, Coach? I’ve been struggling on the field for a bit and I could use some help. Are you here?” Steve knocked again, after getting no answer. “Coach?” He opened the door to his coach’s office and Steve found the man staring intensely at his computer. “Coach, are you feeling okay?” The middle-aged man stayed […]

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