Anatomy of a powerful hypnosis file that actually works (10 steps)

Anatomy of a powerful hypnosis file that actually works (10 steps)

Maybe you want to start making your own hypnosis files. Maybe you’re just curious about it. Either way, Let’s dive into one of many different formulas that people use to make great hypnotic content.

How I figured out the formula

When I started making hypnosis files, I thought they were pretty fantastic. But I started to see “holes” in them after careful listening. I listened to them myself and I could feel which parts were not working. After listening regularly for a while, some techniques were just not getting results. I practiced over and over again. Some of my early hypnosis audios were remade over and over (sometimes up to 8 times), each time becoming better. They became incredibly well regarded in the hypnosis community because of this focused precision. I’m still regarded as the creator of the most effective hypnosis files on the web (and clearly not very humble about it. I put precision and dedication into my art).

I also got feedback from hundreds of people on what they like and didn’t like about the files. That helps, but most people are very quiet about their experiences with such things. Just look at any YouTube video (literally any of them on the entire platform). A video with 10 000 views will only garner a dozen comments. For every one thousand people who engage with content online, only about 2-4 people will ever give feedback. Among them, they just say that they like it or do not like it. They might say it worked or it didn’t work, and they have no idea why.

But here’s the thing– most files on the internet¬†don’t¬†work. OR they only work on people that are incredibly suggestive and easy to hypnotize. Or it only works because the subject is already half-way to their goal and the audio just helps them along. You get the point. Most just aren’t very effective, and there’s a hundred reasons why.

I’ll share with you my secret formula (not so secret anymore) for creating the perfect hypnosis file that is the most effective you could possibly make. Now there’s a ton of things that you can do to make a hypnosis file better, but I’m just covering the basics here. It would take an entire book to cover it all.

There’s also a ton of things that you should NOT put into a hypnosis file, but again, that would take an entire book to explain. So here is the general overview of what makes my files so good, and gets me some of the most glowing reviews on the web.

The Formula

1. No script.

When you read from a script, it sounds canned. After a while, you get used to doing hypnosis. You don’t need to use much techniques. You kinda just do it. This comes with practice.

2. No induction. Jump right into the meat of it.

People don’t want to wait 30 minutes just to get started. Start making it happen now. Like literally in the first sentence. Start off with lightly suggestive speech that will work even if the subject is not in trance yet. Use hypnotic language the whole way to take the subject deeper, making progressively more “intense” suggestions that are stronger, but only easily absorbed once they are deep.

3. Continually take the subject deeper as you go.

Don’t just do an induction and then expect their mind to stay there. Blend your intent into the content of your words. Continually take the subject deeper. Use your own technique for that. Just don’t just say “deeeeeeperrrrr”, because That rarely works.

4. Make all suggestions in the present moment.

Not in the past, not in the future. Now. This is CRUCIAL. Things don’t happen in the future. The future literally does not exist. Stop acting like things will happen in the future if you say they will happen in the future. They wont. Changes happen now. If you tell someone that something will happen in the future, it will always remain in the future. Once that “future” comes, the change will still be in the next “future”.

5. Imagine it.

Create scenes or visualizations that makes the subject imagine that they are experiencing it already. Start general and get more specific as the listener goes deeper.

6. Feel it.

The more emotion and sensation you can drum up, the more effective it will be. Without this, all things are weak and ineffective. Emotions move us. Emotions reshape our brain connections.

7. Instruct something physical.

It’s that combination of imagining, feeling, AND doing. That’s what is most effective. If there is some physical action(s) for a subject to take afterwards that will enhance these effects, then now is the time to say so.

8. An assurance that they can make it work.

Show the subject that they don’t need “trance” to make this work. For most people, trance doesn’t feel like anything special. If they end the file not feeling any different, they might think it has not worked. Convince the subject to make the intended effect happen regardless of how it felt.

9. Noise reduction and other editing

When the recording is done, use the editing software to reduce any unwanted noise. Adjust sound levels as needed, and do any other adjustments.

10. Use quality binaural audio brainwave entrainment.

Using these audio tracks in the background makes it work better. The brain tends to align with the frequency of the audio. First, the audio must match the “vibe” of what you have created. You will need to decide which audio track suits it. Typically you will need to buy these audios and the royalties to go along with them if you wish to publish them, especially if you want good tracks. Make sure the gain (volume) of the audio track is appropriate, so that the listener can still hear the voice.


This is not all-comprehensive guide on making hypnosis files. This is just the formula that I have created using common sense and experience.

If you want to take a listen to my hypnosis files, You can check out my library of files here

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