Insanely Productive Hypnosis File Guide

Insanely Productive Hypnosis File Guide

How to Use the Insanely Productive Audio File

The Insanely Productive audio file is designed to help you make better choices, and take actions immediately, so that you can get a crazy amount of stuff done quickly. It can be anything– cleaning your house, completing your schoolwork, or making more money.

The audio file is packed with a lot of content, so it takes a little practice to master it. It’s okay if you don’t implement every part immediately! It would be literally superhuman to automatically function perfectly after just listening to the audio file once. 

This is not a file you can just listen to once and gain maximum effect. You will need to listen to the file and then practice it. Every time you listen to it and implement it, you get better at it! You will be trained to spring into action quickly and effectively (and love doing it!). 

It may be challenging to remember all the contents and execute all of it. But all of this will become hard-wired into your body and will become your natural way of being. You learn one thing at a time. 

The file will help implant all of this into you. The good news is that all you need is a basic understanding of these concepts to make the Insanely Productive hypnosis file super effective for you! That’s what this guide is for. 

Burning and Cooling Off

“Burning” is when you are getting LOADS of stuff done. This is your goal with this file, of course! No one can be on fire (in the zone) forever, though. That is simply not human. If you push yourself too hard for too long, you burn out. Eventually you lose inspiration, intelligence, decision making ability, etc. The longer you burn, the less ability you have. When you “cool off”, you relax and regenerate your ability to be on fire again. This way, you can burn in a raging fire of crazy productivity over and over again! 

Remember, just listening to the Insanely Product hypnosis file is an awesome way to cool off and regenerate. 

Basically, anything that drops you into a lower brainwave state is “cooling off”. Anything from Alpha (even low beta) downwards could be considered as cooling off. 

Staring at your phone while you sit on the couch is NOT lowering your brainwave state. Not cooling you off. It’s only increasing it as you interact with all the panic-brainers out on the internet and all the media companies with sensationalist garbage intended to make you angry and interact with it.

Same goes for TV, shows, movies, etc. 

A podcast might be able to drop your brainwave state into Alpha-ish state though, and can be nice while walking outside. But most content you consume out there on the world-wide-web will just not relax you

You have to really genuinely relax. Even exercise can be relaxing. A walk in the woods does wonders for relaxation, even when you heart beats faster and you move your body faster. 

One of my favorite methods for this is doing tonal sounds. It really relaxes the vagus nerve and activates the rest and digest / parasympathetic nervous system. I love using the Soundself VR app for this, but this does require a VR headset, and it’s honestly not for everyone. You make a bunch of “aum” sounds over and over. So keep that in mind before you jump on that. 

This cycle of burning and cooling off is the most important concept of this file! It may be the only thing that you need to keep from it. The pattern of burn-out, frustration, and distraction is EVERYWHERE today. This vibe is nearly forced on you today, and overcoming it will skyrocket you past everyone else that’s affected by it. 

Sleep may or may not give you a cool-off boost. Sleep usually drops your brainwave state, but that doesn’t mean you’re always going as deep as you should be. I mean, have you ever been too tired to sleep? Yeah, it’s a thing. Sometimes you have to prepare yourself for sleep, and exhaustion just makes it harder. Sleep regenerates energy, but it also requires a certain energy to get started. You will need to turn off electronics and bright lights for a good while before sleeping. You will need to do something to cool off and find peace first, or you will never be able to drop into the deepest restorative level of sleep. 

What Percentage of Burn and Cool Should You Aim for?

Everyone is going to be different. As you get older, you will need a higher percentage of cooling off. But in the end, it’s really up to you.

For example, I find my work to be pretty intense on my mind, so I work best at about 20% burn time and 80% cool time. Sometimes I may burn a lot more, and reach 80% burn and 20% cool, but this is definitely not common, and not my ideal. For many people today, they are operating at 95% burn and doing just fine. Find what works best for you. You will know just by feeling.

Burning more does not mean you are more productive! For me, the more time I spend cooling off, the more productive my burn is. I’ve had days that felt like 5% burn, and they were my most productive days! I just super relaxed and then aced something brilliant, like a super-high quality recording that thousands of people loved.

Things that Cool You Off and Regenerate You

Reading a novel or poetry. 

Calling a warm family member or friend. 

Breathing or tone-making exercises.

Walking in the forest or similar comfy area.

Eye-gazing with someone.

Meditation (sitting, walking, standing meditation, qigong)


Stretching pretty much any muscle.

Float tank/sensory deprivation tank (I love this shit)

Listening to a hypnosis file.

Find what works for you. Depending on your current mood and mindset, you will need to choose a different one or come up with your own. 

Do Dishes. 

There’s just something about it. The sensory experience of warm water on your hands. The sound of the water flowing and splashing. Moving the items around, seeing them get cleaned. The accomplishment of getting something done. The scent of soap. It gets you prepared to break through a boundary and get things done. Everything about it puts you right around the Alpha zone, but ready for action and feeling good. So I recommend cleaning your dishes before you get started on your productivity. I got this tip from Pat Flynn, one of the most infamous online entrepreneurs of all time. Blew my mind when I realized how effective and reliable this is. 

Using a Third Person Perspective

Seeing things from the outside gives you a gigantic blast of awareness. But you don’t have to be outside your body. Or out of your mind. You can simply perceive it from that perspective. 

Refer to yourself in third person, especially if you are doing affirmations. 

Instead of saying, “I need to go to the store for groceries and then grab that document on the way home”

You could say, “Greg needs to go to the store for groceries and then grab that document on the way home” (your name is Greg in this scenario and you’re talking to yourself)

Talk to yourself as much as possible. Talk out loud and say it in third person. Yes, it is strange, but it disconnects you from your stupid “I” perspective and forces you see things more clearly. 

This practice disconnects you from all those dumb emotions and perceptions that are preventing you from being the real you. 

Note: talking to yourself is not mentioned in the audio file. This is because it’s not ideal for everyone. Many people live in a space where they simply cannot do this without weirding out everyone around them. 


This practice may seem really odd. Its an uncommon tactic. But the fact is, it works. It works PHENOMENALLY. You didn’t come here to be like everyone else. You came here to ride way way above that every-day human level. Talking to yourself is actually a sign of genius.

So shortcut your way to enlightenment and productivity by using 3rd person perspective. 

Here’s a great (normal) affirmation:

“I have more than I ever dreamed possible!”

And here’s your new version if your name is Sasha:

“Sasha has more than she ever dreamed possible!”


It’s way easier to imagine someone else having something.

Have you ever noticed that you can always tell what’s going on with other people, but people are never able to see it for themselves?

You can also see the spots where they could improve. You see the mistakes they are making. You see all the wonderful opportunities that they could take. But somehow you never see your own! This is why people hire coaches and it’s so effective for them. An outside perspective works better. A hill has a better view than a valley!

This will take practice. But once you start thinking of yourself In this way, you move to the next level. You stop taking things so personally. You take smarter actions. You feel better about yourself. 

The Third-Person Cheat Code

Think of it this way. In video games, having access to 3rd-person POV is an advantage. Some games like PUBG have modes that restrict players to 1st-person POV to make the game more challenging. This is because 3rd-person mode allows you to see more around you. You can see more items on the ground. You can see your character’s position, and most importantly, you can see your enemy around corners, and they cannot see you. If you could activate a third-person mode toggle in any first-person shooter game, you would have a HUGE advantage over the other players.  

Dude way in the background is about to get a face full of lead because he’s using “first person awareness” (standing there like an idiot) and the foreground guys are using “third person awareness” to be far more productive. 


Third person AWARENESS


First person awareness.


This is not just a video game advantage. It’s a strangely effective awareness advantage you can use in real life. Imagine all the things you are missing because you are constantly using the “I” mindset. Once you start living in the third-person mindset, you get these incredible “aha!” moments where it feels like you can see around “walls” like in a video game. 

Here’s a summary of how to stay in third-person mindset:

Talk to yourself.

Refer to yourself in third person. 

Do affirmations in a third person point of view. 

Always picture yourself in your surroundings. 


You have to actually enjoy completing things and feel good about it. Celebrate in whatever way you like.

For me, I like to literally jump up and down, throwing hands into the air. Or walk around with my hands straight up in the air. Shows my body that I did something. It’s honestly a huge life hack. 

There’s an infamous TED talk on this:


Sometimes I celebrate when there’s no reason to celebrate. I wake up in the morning and do it, or just do it when I start to feel a discouraging mood creep in. It puts my body into winning mode, even if I haven’t won yet. For men, doing this will cause a quick shot of testosterone, which is really cool.

You can shout “YES!”, jump up and down, or dance. 

It may sound funny to do this in public too, but everyone finds it fucking hilarious so I sometimes still do it when other people can see.

Using the Subconscious Mind to Multi-task

Most people think that they can multitask. But they can’t. Fucking up two things at once is not multi-tasking. Your conscious mind can only do one thing at a time, but it can switch between tasks quickly by focusing on one thing, and then another thing immediately afterward. 

Your subconscious mind, however, can do thousands of things at once. It makes your heart beat, your lungs breathe, your glands function, and it pays attention to everything you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. It even monitors all the psychic connections you have and reacts/sends signals out, all without you even thinking about it. 

Basically, it just does A LOT of stuff. And it’s more productive than you, to be honest. But it’s not focused. It doesn’t choose things to “work on”. You do! 

Your conscious mind is like a single core computer processor. Old CPUs were all single core. They could only do one instruction at a time (it looks like it multitasks, but its just doing one instruction after another very quickly). Your conscious mind is like a single core CPU. You can train it to be really fast, but it still does ONLY ONE THING AT A TIME. Your subconscious mind is like a big beefy supercomputer with thousands of cores. It can do thousands of things simultaneously. 

Your goal is to use the power of the subconscious mind. How do we do this? By working on something and then taking a break from it and moving the body. The subconscious mind will work on it while you do other things, and the extra blood flow through the body will help it figure it out. Now you are multitasking, because your conscious mind (you) is doing one thing, and your subconscious mind is doing a bunch of other stuff at the same time without you trying. 

Here’s all you need to do to access your inner multi-tasker.

  1. Face the problems. 
  2. Go out and move your body. 
  3. Trust the answers that show up. 

So you have a ton of shit going on in your life? It’s okay, we all do. Now you know how to figure out the answers to a ton of shit at once. 

To make this simple, you could just sum up all of this as just “exercise!”.

Making a Game of Your Tasks

This is part of getting into the zone, or “Flow”, as it is often called. Have fun by doing it faster, bigger, or better. Or just have fun with it in general.  

Doing Everything the “Easiest” Way Possible

This ancient Taoist concept of wu-wei, or nothing-doing, can be hard to comprehend, but it’s quite simple. It’s not about doing nothing. It’s about doing everything in such a way that it feels like nothing.

The example used in the Insanely Productive hypnosis file is that a game of basketball with friends might feel easier than jogging, even if it technically requires more effort. 

Everything you do in your life should be done in the easiest way possible like this. 

For some people, doing something in a lazy way is so wrong it hurts. If you feel that way, then doing something the hard way is actually easier

Your Executive Functions

Enhancing these 8 functions improves your overall effectiveness. The file enhances these functions. Don’t worry about working on these right now. That’s what the file is for. Just learn what they are.

Self-control – Thinking before you act.

Self-monitor- The ability to view and evaluate yourself. 

Emotional Control- The ability to manage feelings to complete tasks

Flexibility- The ability to adapt to changing conditions by changing strategies.

Task initiation- The ability to start tasks without procrastinating

Organization- The ability to develop systems to keep track of materials and information

Working memory- Being able to use information you remember

Planning and Time Management- Being able to plan out things and follow through on it. 


Ready to listen to the Insanely Productive hypnosis file?

You can find it here. 

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