Snake Transformation Hypnosis

rattlesnake on a branch

This is a fantasy snake transformation experience. Many things can be done to your body, and mind with hypnosis. But just for today, none of these things will really happen to you, you will be transformed physically and mentally into a timber rattlesnake. You will fall asleep after this, perhaps even dreaming about this experience, […]

Life with the Dumb Bodybuilding Center

woman grabbing muscular chad man's hair

See bodybuilding muscle files  My name is Jack and I am a gym instructor. It is a tasking job, but sometimes, it just comes in as something I enjoy doing…. Hypnotizing jocks to grow muscles. I got home early today, namely by 6 pm. Usually, when I have lots of clients, I would stay up […]

Muscle Growth Text Trances

Muscular man posing and flexing

How to mesmerize your muscles and grow them just by reading this text -Set aside a few minutes and read one or two of these. Or all of them! -Get comfortable, wherever you are! -Imagine my voice speaking to you as you read it. -Read. As. Slow. As. Possible. -Follow the instructions. You may even […]

7 Testosterone Building Supplements

Here’s a few of my absolute favorite supplements that increase testosterone levels. Most of these are just health supplements with an added bonus of a testosterone increasing effect. I’m big on health supplements, I think they can be a Godsend. Why else do you think today’s athletes are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever? A […]

5 Best Muscle building tools under $40

Getting into great shape doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Sure, you could buy a Turbo Infomercial Fitness Machine 9000, but it’s going prohibitively expensive and take up too much room. That’s why all the items here are just $10-40. Hand Grips These are just simple grips that go over any typical sized barbell/dumbbell […]

Happiness is not a requirement for manifestation

Woman holding face covered in vibrant rainbow of colors

Many think that happiness it is an absolute requirement to get what they really want. This is not so! The only thing that you need is focus and a little emotion tied to it. If you think of it, and it makes you feel something, then it must come to be. The emotional body does […]

The Transform Food Guide

Table with carrots, tomatoes, and radish

If you are following my Ultimate Muscle Program, or any other fitness recordings, then you must follow these guidelines religiously. The Ultimate Food rules 1. Fruit and vegetables are your main source of food. 2. Drink 2-4L of water every day, depending on size of body. 3. Eat prebiotic food. 4. Give appreciation and thankfulness […]

Ultimate Muscle FAQ/Guide

Woman and man doing one-arm pushups on a dark background

What is The Ultimate Muscle Hypnosis Program? A daily program designed to intensely focus on a different muscle group each day of the week. This is not just for those who want to improve their shape a little. This is intended as a daily commitment. This is for those who wish to reach their limit and go […]

Studies on changing the body with mind and imagination

Man imagining strong flexing muscles

Your mind, body, and everything in between can be changed with thought–and science proves it Recent studies have shown that you can increase muscle size and power using only visualization techniques. The use of hypnosis and brainwave vibrations maximizes the muscle growth power. Some related studies date back to the 60s, but I will be […]

Survey Results for Ultimate Muscle program

Do you prefer a longer induction or more body? (More deepening or more transformation talk)

A novel way to approach bodybuilding By far the most popular category on Transform Hypnosis is in muscle and fitness. It’s best to work with my strengths and make what the most people want… and the people want bodybuilding hypnosis. Well they want that from me, in any case. I’ve halted a lot of my […]

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