7 Testosterone Building Supplements

7 Testosterone Building Supplements

Here’s a few of my absolute favorite supplements that increase testosterone levels. Most of these are just health supplements with an added bonus of a testosterone increasing effect. I’m big on health supplements, I think they can be a Godsend. Why else do you think today’s athletes are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever?

A note on women taking these supplements: These are all natural supplements, which means that they will not increase your testosterone the same amount that it will with a man. Many of them will help to balance hormone levels to a healthy level. That might mean that you actually gain testosterone and similar hormones too!

For best results, you should cycle these. Not because it is unhealthy to take them constantly, but because they will lose their effect after a while (or at lest seem to lose their effect). Take one bottle, and then try another when it’s done! You’ll end up finding your personal favorites after you have tried them all. The only exception is Vitamin D–take that every day unless you live in a sunny area!)

Vitamin D

The most important vitamin

This is easily the most important one on this list, and perhaps any list of greatest supplements. Vitamin D is so important, many regulators are thinking of calling it more of a necessary hormone than a vitamin (and vitamin literally already means “necessary for life”!). It’s so essential for human life that it is almost soley responsible for the difference in color of human skin in different geographic locations. Many people developed lighter skin so that it could absorb more vitamin D from colder areas (it comes most naturally from the sun) Vitamin D was always one of the biggest contributors to human strength, and it still continues to be this day

Best Vitamin D Supplements

Hands down, the greatest way to get it (other than from the sun) is in oil form. It needs to be combined with lipids (fats) in order to be absorbed into the body. If you take it in pill form, make sure you take it with some kind of oil, like coconut oil or an omega 3 fish oil supplement.

I’ll admit… I stopped telling most people about the importance of VITAMIN D, because someone will, without question, inform me that dick is the essential vitamin.

Yes, cocks are great, apparently. But all you super nutrition fans have heard that joke from somebody, whenever you rave about the amazing effects from this supplement.

Still, if there’s one thing that you need to be taking daily, it is vitamin D. Especially true if you live somewhere cloudy or don’t get any sun!

Did I mention it’s a testosterone booster? Because it is. Just one more of the amazing benefits of my favorite supplement of all time.


An incredible testosterone booster and great for your health. Also known as shilajit live resin.
Purblack keeps a high standard of quality in their product, much better than the sketchy Russian stuff you find online

You may have read me raving about this stuff before. It’s a resin that’s extracted from underneath mountains, after thousands of years worth of plant life has come come and gone, concentrating their minerals through the rocks. Sound bad-ass? well it is super bad-ass. It gives you a long-lasting energy that feels like all your character attributes have been given a solid +1. It also improves the effectiveness of other herbs and supplements, which makes it great to combo with.

Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium will make you full of desire.

At some point, the farmers and shepherds began to notice that their goats became super frisky and procreative whenever they chewed on this plant. That pretty much sums it up–this stuff will make you extremely horny, especially if you have a healthy functioning system already. It’s sort of a weak form of other certain stimulating, enhancing supplements (search engines like Google hate it when you use the V-word, so I wont write it here). The active ingredients are similar, but in a much smaller amount. This is still very potent stuff. The effects are so strong that you may want to actually reconsider using this as a testosterone booster, simply because you may not want those ‘side effects’. For many people, that will sound awesome though, so give it a shot if that sounds like something you actually want.


Bottle of Jamieson brand maca root in pill form

This Peruvian root has a different effect on different genders. In men, it tends to boost male hormones in a healthy way, giving you good testosterone levels. In women, it tends to boost female hormones, giving you extra weight on your breast and butt, enhancing the feminine shape. It both genders it exaggerates your gender form. That’s heckin cool if you ask me.

Always heat it up or get gelatinized maca! Never take raw maca, it can make you very sick. A lot of raw vegans go around touting this stuff raw, and it’s kind of crazy (looking at you, David Avacado Wolfe).

Maca can give you a wide range of feelings, it’s different for everyone. For some people, it may make you feel powerful, horny, or energized. But for some people it can make you feel calm and comfy. It’s odd but you need to try this one out.


Just a big ol' bottle of ginger

This is a great testosterone booster, showing incredible results in both animal trials (that’s right. Tested on those poor, extra-spicy animals), and human tests. Ginger has great health benefits, so that boost likely comes from a gain in general health and well being. In a strong and healthy person, you will generally find high testosterone levels! That’s why health-improving exercises like tai chi and qigong will often boost test levels. It’s just making you healthy overall, and that improves your hormone levels. I just love the taste of ginger and ceylon cinnamon.

Ginger is also incredible for digestion. Whenever you eat a big meal, have some ginger with it. Drink it as a tea to go with your meal! Mix a cup of hot water with a teaspoon of ginger (not too much, let me remind you of why the word “gingerly” exists), and a teaspoon of cinnamon for taste (Ceylon is best). This will help digest your food, making you feel less lethargic, and digesting all of that food so that it can enter your muscles and make you stronger.

Fun fact: Over-the-counter Gravol is just ginger extract now. Switching to a great natural stomach reliever was a good choice (especially because some people were using the drug form to get high)

Healing Mushrooms

A mix of mushroom extracts to boost the body's immunity and give you strength

Reishi, shiitake, maitake, chaga, corydyceps– the list goes on.

Ah, the real magic mushroom. This is another one that boosts testosterone just by boosting overall health. Healing mushrooms are notoriously hard to explain, but they basically give you an increase in every attribute. They make you smarter, faster, stronger, wiser, and even more friendly! It can be a little strange, but these mushrooms really hold a special place in my heart.

One of the coolest things about them is that they are semi-psychedelic. That means you wont have a psychedelic trip unless you take a gigantic amount. You can gain all of the amazing healing powers of magic mushrooms (and maybe more!) without any of the trippy side effects. These mushroom extracts are not for the budget-oriented, as they can get pretty expensive. It’s classy stuff. But if you have the budget to get it, you should always buy powdered form. Pill forms always have fillers and they don’t put as much in the capsules per dollar anyway.

Polyrachis Ant

Ants are the strongest guys on the insect block, which means you can eat them and absorb their immense power!

I’ll admit, I have yet to try this one yet, but I’m excited to try it– it can be hard to get some of this! It is literally ground up ants. It’s super high in zinc, a great muscle building mineral, plus other nutrients that insects tend to have.

I know, you may have hangups about eating insects, but I think it’s the food of the future. It’s super environmentally friendly to grow insects, and very economical. It is many times cheaper to produce than meat, and uses only a tiny fraction of the land, water, and other resources per kilogram. That’s awesome! Insects are also some of the healthiest and safest foods on Earth.


And don’t forget, none of these will work unless you take them!

Muscle Hypnosis Files

Large muscular man doing leg extensions



BONUS– Diet and exercise.

There really is no replacement for this. Eat good food. Get off your butt and exercise. We all know that this will improve your hormone levels, along with your ENTIRE body!


Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. Use supplements at your own risk.


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