Snake Transformation Hypnosis

Snake Transformation Hypnosis

This is a fantasy snake transformation experience.

Many things can be done to your body, and mind with hypnosis. But just for today, none of these things will really happen to you, you will be transformed physically and mentally into a timber rattlesnake.
You will fall asleep after this, perhaps even dreaming about this experience, and if that dream is completed you may not even remember it. But at least you get to have the experience of it. You see sometimes, in a deep dream. You forget the dream completely, it’s gentle, easy, fun interesting and so sleepy. There is a fog in the air, and often you forget. So get comfortable and relaxed.
And as you get comfortable I’d like you to imagine that you have found a nice, warm rock crevice to lie in. that’s right. A comfortable crevice, you may not be aware that this is a timber rattlesnake den. But you are becoming oddly at home in this place. This crevice is becoming larger, and more accommodating to you. Imagine that now. That’s right you feel like you fit in in this place, there is an odd sort of comfort here isn’t there?a comfort that you can feel growing. A simplicity so that all is simple.
All is well, you feel natural and relaxed in this place. And it feels good to be you. There is no other thing that you can be. That’s right. Allow your body to sink down, as if you were going to fall into a deep sleep. But for now, let’s try and stay awake. Away from the calling of sleep.
You know a rattlesnake almost never uses its rattle, unless it is immediate danger. That’s right, only used when in danger. It could be used to scare off someone. A useful item indeed. And while you think about that. What it’s like to have that, I’d like you to relax your body so that your muscles are loose, your body is open. What does it feel like to be open? Relaxed and open. That means open to possibilities. Open to new experiences. It means pliable, receptive, so that you could receive. Like receiving an item or a change. Or taking a direction, it’s like receiving a direction. So allow relaxation to come deal as if it is given, and you are receiving it.

All you do is simply allow your mind to take you deeper.

Let go. And allow. That is the only thing that I ask. In this moment. Yes, allow relaxation to surround you, as if it is all around you. And allow that to happen. Allow your body to sink into and almost sleep. Sleep. Sleep. But don’t let yourself fall into sleep. Now your body is shrinking and yet you r head feels like it is expanding can you notice that strange feeling of shrinking.
And yet, your head is becoming blocky, large. You may not notice it but your head is changing in colour. Turning to a light brown, cream, colous. With one dark stripe behind each eye. It brings to make you look like you are wearing warrior face paint. Your eyesight appears different. Your pupils are now vertical, with yellow eyes, and your eyesight is adjusting to the new focus. You are beginning to feel the temperature inside your crevice, and you detect it, somewhere under your nostrils.
You can feel the heat and the cold under your nostrils, giving you a feeling of the room. And now the bottom jaw of your mouth is split down the middle, you are noticing this now. And this allows it to open down, and out to the sides. So that your mouth can open very wide, you’re noticing how wide your mouth is able to open. That’s right, and if you’d like to open it even wider, you may prepare it by stretching your jaw, stretching it then opening it even wider. You may notice now that your mouth goes all the way back, the entire length of your head. And it is growing even longer, your mouth growing larger, so that it makes up your head. Your teeth now, you’ve noticed that they’ve grown a bit and that they’ve grown a little longer, with your canines turning into fangs, you notice that you can manually shoot them out if needed. Like switchblades. They can open up showing your fierce teeth. Your mouth also filled with all of your regular teeth, but they appear sharper now, as they grow longer, and sharper
With each moment, now normally you breathe through your nostrils. But there is a breathing tube under your forked tongue. And that extends like a snorkel so you can breathe while eating.and now you can smell through your tongue, just like you always have, but in a much more distinct way, you may notice now two holes in the top of your mouth that your forked tongue rests in, and this is how you smell so distinctly.



the glands for it reside on both sides the back of your head. This is why your head has that triangular shape that you may notice now as your head is flattening and widening, as we speak. Your ears, you notice they have shrunk quite a bit, and they are continuing to shrink until they are gone and you can still hear even without your ears. You may notice that your torso has grown.
Your torso has elongated, become longer, and if you feel closely. You see that it is continuing to extend. That’s right. Your legs shrinking, your torso expanding. So that now you have small little legs that are disappearing inside of you. And a tail is growing from your tailbone. That’s right. And now, the end of your tail is the end of your body as your arms and legs. Appear to have shrunk away and disappeared. There are many changes happening now, it can be hard to notice all of them, but you can feel many of these drastic changes happening now, and if feels normal and natural, and I’d like you to relax into it.
None of your ribs are connected at the front, just like your bottom ribs have always been, this allows you to expand outward whenever needed. Flexible bones, that’s right, just like your skin feels stretchy now. Stretch and scaley. That’s right, stretch enough to eat a medium sized alligator, entirely whole if needed. Your skin of the torso a light brown cream color, with dark brown zig zagging stripes. And now your skin is very scaley. And from the head down to the tail, the colours get darker. So now you notice now your tail is completely black, jet black, except for the rattle. Now your skin is completely scaled with your whole body rough. So that you have a grip. You have a grip, you can grip onto anything now.

The rattle


That you feel down there on your tail now, like a series of chain links that clack together when you shake it sounds like a constant drone because how fast you can rattle it. One of the fastest muscle movements of any animal on earth, you can feel that power of that tail now.
That’s right. With your heightened sense of touch, warming up in the sun, probably feels better than the best spot on the beach for a human. That’s right, it feels excellent.
Now it appears you see less colours, and yet your vision is much clearer, clearer distinct vision. You have incredible night vision now, able to see in the dark. And now this crevice you’re in appears completely lit up, where it was dark before, it appears bright now. And now your sense of smell is 100 fold or better, you can smell with your tongue by flicking it, or resting it in the holes in your mouth. Every scent seems incredibly strong now, you can smell as well as you can see, or better.
You have an amazing set of senses now. You can feel your body, the length of it. Every single bit of it, and the sensation is powerful, imagine that sensation now. Yes, your senses overwhelm your mind which has become very simple, very sensual, so that you have a strong senses. That’s right. And whenever you are in the presence of food. Your personality changes, you become more focused, and even more simple.

You can hear and almost feel the ground

and through your body. So that you are a very sensual being. Simple and sensual, so that the senses are so strong. They make up the entirety of your mind, and all that matters. Instinctually, you are a genius hunter. Incredibly adept at tracking down prey. A master of camouflage blending into the environment, as you analyze the environment, looking for the signs of animal activity, of rodents or other animals. And when you find evidence of that, you hide in a good position and wait it out. You may rest your head on a log and listen and feel for vibrations.
Staying hidden under leaves whenever possible. And think of this, when you find your pray you size it up, decide how much venom you need to give it, that’s right you are in control of your venom. That’s right, and if it comes to close you give it a quick bite with the perfect amount of venom, you can even smell your own brand of venom. And you can tell the difference between other species venom from miles away. And after this initial bite you track down your pray until it succumbs to it’s wound and the venom.
And when you eat your prey you use your fangs like ice picks to walk that prey in, imagine that now. Gripping onto it, pulling it into you, opening up your body, easily swallowing it whole.
Now which gender are you? Females let out a scent that is even more entrancing then food for a snake. It takes up the entire male mind, and makes them entirely focused on it. This male snake tracks down the female until found, and then if two males find each other. You wrestle each other down for the female, and yet you do not hurt each other. You simply pin or tire each other out.
Life is powerful but simple for you now. And you understand how to live now. It is instinctual. And once you find your mate. You will dance around them for a little while, and then you will latch your tails together and mate. Imagine doing that now. And now, after imagining this, you will fall into a deep deep sleep. A simple, deep sleep.


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