The Transform Food Guide

The Transform Food Guide

If you are following my Ultimate Muscle Program, or any other fitness recordings, then you must follow these guidelines religiously.

The Ultimate Food rules

1. Fruit and vegetables are your main source of food.
2. Drink 2-4L of water every day, depending on size of body.
3. Eat prebiotic food.
4. Give appreciation and thankfulness for your food so that it will bring blessings of power to you.

This is NOT a temporary diet. This needs to be your normal way of eating., and you will continue to eat this way indefinitely. No matter where you look, ALL good diets follow these conditions, especially the fact that you MUST eat mainly fruit and vegetables.
EVERY good diet has ONE thing in common…. More vegetables, more vegetables, more vegetables.

You’ve probably heard these basic health ideas hundreds of times, and that’s because they are universal and truly work.

Fruit and vegetables

No brainer. Which food group has the most nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants? Nothing complex here!

2-4L Of Water

Your muscles are almost 80% water. Your body needs water for cleansing, nutrient flow, healing, and building. A plentiful supply gives your body an abundance of what it needs. You will feel ten times better, like a well oiled machine. You will wonder why you never did it before! It feels great. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE IT. AS your body transforms, it needs water. It also strengthens your genital muscles as you pee–most people forget this part, but these muscles are essential for generating power in the body.


The fact that you get a choice of food and water at all is a miracle. Humans have prayed for this for millennia. Finally, it is here in absolute abundance. It’s beautiful! So give thanks and appreciation for the food and drink you have, before you eat it.

And don’t just do it because you should do it. Do it because it makes the food even more effective for your body, no matter what it is. Whether your mind actually changes the molecules physically, or you simply digest and assimilate it better, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, it works.  Scientific studies actually show that food and water that has received a blessing has a positive effect on you.

Whether it is water, beer, green beans, or a slice of chocolate cake, let nothing enter your body until it has received a blessing.

Gaze into your food or drink for a moment. Give thanks to the people who made it possible. Give thanks for the rainwater that grew it, the animal that died for you, or the people transporting/selling it to you. Imagine that this food is a blessing (because it is!). Imagine that this food is assimilating into the most amazing body and mind you could think of, or better.
How would you feel about someone or something that you truly love and appreciate?  Really get to that feeling place before you eat. If you can’t quite get to that feeling sometimes, even the intention of it is more than enough. Tell yourself– Nothing enters my body without a blessing!

Calories in, calories out

Yes, you can lose weight if you closely track your calories, and burn more than you eat. Even if you eat only Twinkies. However, that doesn’t mean you are going to feel good OR look good. It just means that the laws of thermodynamics are a thing. Don’t bother counting calories unless you happen to be training for bodybuilding, etc.

If you eat these foods, you will look and feel good no matter what weight you are. You will glow, your body will take on a wonderful shape and texture, and you will smell good too! (Many people forget that we subconsciously attract each other through our scents. Healthy people attract more.)

Add black pepper and vinegar to your food

They help digestion so that it absorbs into your body better, and they add flavor! Plus it’s already on your table, so use it. It’s so good at muscle building that even bodybuilding supplements contain it now (cracked pepper tastes way better than powdered!)


Always go for a walk after a big meal.

-Digestion is number one. The better your digestion, the better the food works on your body. This helps ‘open’ the body up and the steady movement helps it digest. It can be inviting to lay on the couch after eating, but make it a habit and you’ll wonder why anyone would ever do that.

Chew your food well!

Really work your jaw muscles. The better your food is chewed, the better it will make your body.


Prebiotic foods

These foods feed the beneficial bacteria in your body. The results from eating these foods is incredible, though it will take some time. You will gain more muscle, lose more fat, look better, feel better…. You must go slow when adding these foods to your daily nutrition. It will cause flatulence or digestive difficulty at first. This is because you lack the bacteria that will digest it properly. According to studies, it takes most people 3 weeks to get past this. The strongest people have the best bacteria. Top level athletes always have excellent bacteria. Thats why you need to get these foods into you and build up your community.


Best science-proven prebiotic foods



fruit and vegetables



Ground flaxseed


Whole grains


Try out the Daily Dozen app to track your eating and learn about science-based nutrition. I highly recommend this app, along with

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  1. Great post, and worth following, even if you DO like to cook~! I hit the gym every day, but food is unquestionably just as important to getting to the best, most healthy body. Nice, quick recipes too.

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