Muscle Growth Text Trances

Muscle Growth Text Trances

How to mesmerize your muscles and grow them just by reading this text

-Set aside a few minutes and read one or two of these. Or all of them!

-Get comfortable, wherever you are!

-Imagine my voice speaking to you as you read it.

-Read. As. Slow. As. Possible.

-Follow the instructions.

You may even find yourself wanting to work out after you read these, to increase your growth even more.


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Improved Muscle and Fitness with hypnosis

This is going to be a LONG trance, longer than the next ones. I want to get you deeper for this one. So set aside a few minutes where you can be focused and calm.

It is essential that you see and feel your body as strong, healthy, and abundant.

So relax now while I take you through this.
Read slowly, calmly
Let this be the only thing in your experience
And ignore everything else around you.
Absorbing the muscle and fitness into your mind,
and allowing that into your body.
Easily, allowing, and powerful.

Let that vibration take up your entire mind and body now.

Let’s just think of a warm, comfortable blue blanket.
A very thick, soft blanket that is wrapping around you
Slowly, gently.
Allow this comfort to wash over you now
as you relax down
Deeper and deeper into a wonderful relaxed place.
A place where you can be in total safety.
As if the whole world is fading away.
And you are becoming warmer and more comfortable here.
Read nice and slowly.

Let it make you warm, calm, and loose now.
Imagine that this blanket is protecting you from all the tension of the Earth.
Let this time be your escape from the world.
Let everything just fade
fade away
Like a dim light,
becoming dimmer
and dimmer,
until there is just the light of the words in front of you.
And you can relax.
You can let go.
You can let this be your only focus.
Sink down.
Reading even more slowly.

Simply focusing on these words,
and that feeling of a perfect, fluffy blanket all around you.
Let’s pretend that this blanket protects you from anything that may have hurt you recently.
And it warms you until you have felt the understanding,
that none of that is a very large thing in the end.
These things are real,
but so, so very small.
So small that they barely seem to matter anymore.
It seems that nothing matters now,
Remembering that you have already done a great job with your progress,
and you may go further,
keeping in mind that even if you stopped now, it will have been more than enough.
You are more than enough.
Knowing this, it becomes so very easy to keep going,
because you are protected by this comforting cover.
Sink down.
Let your eyes relax so that you barely have to move them at all.
And read even more slowly.

Perhaps you feel so sleepy as it covers you now,
Even your eyes feel sleepy,
but you will keep them open,
even as they become heavier and heavier…
Sink down into a sleepier state.
Ready to take on whatever comes your way.
This is your natural way of being.
There is no other way that you need to be.
In this state, you are more than enough.
You love being here in a comfortable, open, empty place.
This is your natural way of being.
More and more, it is so easy to catch yourself and bring in a more relaxing, hopeful mind-state.
It’s like the flow of a river,
constant and easy.
I can let it flow.
I can let this happen.
I am allowing, free, comfortable, and open.

Whenever you hear me say “sink down“,
you will go down even deeper now.
You may or may not feel the warm blanket around you instantly,
but you will feel a sensation of that same comfort, warmth, and well-being.
The feelings and emotions are what really counts.

Now get a sense of the inner strength in your body. Really feel that.

You ARE strong already.

It is time, not to think of something in the past or future,

but see your body as strong now.

Take some time to feel that inner strength within all your muscles and organs.

[Take a few slow breaths as you relax and sense this]

Now you are even more relaxed, more attuned to your own strength, and ready to go even deeper

Sense the size and perfect toughness of your muscles now.

How it feels.

You already have large, capable muscles all over your body.

Now I want you to imagine, in your mind, that they have grown very large.

Your entire body, bigger than you could ever imagine, or better.

[Imagine this now for 10 seconds]

Let this become very real to you.

Let it become a part of who you are.

Let it seep into your daily life that you walk proudly, sensing the big muscles that you carry on your body.

It is as if nothing holds you back.

And you just relax your body now.

And relax any worries you have of the world.

As you feel your muscles growing bigger and bigger,

more and more robust.

[Pretend your muscles have become even thicker and wider now]

The more you do this pretending in your mind, the more your mind is triggered to grow.

And yet, this feels like no work to you.

This feels like a pleasure.

Calmly enjoying this fact, all day, every day.

And the more you consciously do it,

the more you do it subconsciously as well.

And as you relax deeper and deeper now,

Your body automatically writes this into you.

Send some appreciation into your body.

Give thanks to your body for providing you with the means to live,

the ability to run, jump, and play.

The strength to lift heavy items,

walk or run kilometers, even miles at a time.

[spend some time really feeling thanks for your body now]

Let yourself come back to your daily activities after this.

Stretch your body and love it in every way that you can today.

Thank you

You are appreciated!

Be the BEST

It’s so much easier to be the BEST.
You do not settle for mediocre.
Being mediocre is more difficult with less results.
Being mediocre means teetering on decisions
Being The Greatest means making action, so much action that you have no time left to be afraid.
It means standing back for a moment of clarity and a series of long breaths…
Until the right thing has come to your intuition and then taking ACTION on it.
You will know intuitively when the time to wait is right.
It means waiting until that inspiration has come to you.
It means slowing down when you need to slow down.
It means having the right awareness to know when it is right to slow down or stop completely.
Driving fear away by taking action.

Simply focusing on these words,

Sink down.
Let your eyes relax so that you barely have to move them at all.
And read even more slowly.

Give all your thoughts away now.

That’s it. Let them go.

You are always craving that next goal, and every footstep is a pleasure,

knowing that it’s the next step for that next achievement.
Just imagine enjoying every rep at the gym, or anywhere else you enjoy your daily exercise, every minute of pushing, and loving it.
Think of how great it is to be doing your dream job, and dominating every bit of it.
You could be anywhere you like to be, doing anything you like to do.
You make the choice to follow who you like to follow, and disregard anyone else.
You make wise choices of how you spend your time, and only you make that decision.

Imagine standing at the top, being the greatest, and look at the view.
Now you are going to use your mind-senses for a few things. Spend about a few moments doing this, but feel free to spend more time if you are enjoying it.
[Imagine a few examples of the sights to see at your top level. Look at your body. The people around you. The environment. Think of the best options you could have, or better.]

It’s all pretty amazing.

Whether you spend 2 seconds or 2 minutes at each thought,
Know how amazing it is to be that one step closer to seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting each amazing thing.
And remember that it’s not too much more complicated than that.
This. Is. Easy.
You do it big.
You always do it as big as possible.
No need to make decisions.
Your decision is simply to go with the best.
Trust your intuition.
Trust that you can step back, see it clearly,
and strike like a hawk pouncing on a fish.

You look forward to all the great things that are possible,
and nothing else.

Aim to be the best.
It’s actually easier to be the best.
Have the mindset of going all in and dominating this.
You will deliver the best results.

When you have adopted the mindset of being the best, you have become the ultimate problem solver.
When you are the best, you are the best strategist.
You will constantly struggle at the mediocre level because that is in the vibration realm of never accomplishing enough.
There is no more running on the hamster wheel,
you are simply willing to go all in.
When you take action, there is no more fear.
You simply do it.
There is no explanation for it. It simply happens.

You have all the information at your disposal.
If you need something, it is out there.
The resources are here.
You have more than enough right at your fingertips.

You have one very simple and easy task today.
Your task is to make the decision, in your mind, to be the best.
And even if you didn’t know everything, what would the best version of YOU think?
That’s all you have to remember.
Take a few moments to make that decision now.

Let go of any previous conceptions you may have had about where you strive to be.
Realize now, the weight off your shoulders,
Knowing it’s easier to want your total, absolute, unconditional success.

Thank you
You are appreciated!

Focus on your weekly split

Enjoy that pleasant space as you go down deeper, ready to follow, and to make sure you are prepared to keep up with your training regimen.

So think about your training as you relax.

How nice it would be to have that incredible body to the next level.

How nice it would be to train every single item that you have planned to train, keeping up with it as easily as it is to breathe.

Thats how easy it is to keep up with your training. Just think about your breathing. How easily it enters your lungs. and how easily it exits.

[Sit and notice your breathing for a few moments. Slowing down.]

Reading nice and slowly.

Good. Think about your training. Going to your training place and working out in mind or body.

As you breathe in, you enter this place. As you breathe out, you are done and leaving.

Breathe in your training. Breathe out your training.

This is your day in, day out.

It is relaxing. it is wonderful. it is repeated bliss over and over.

And you want to do this very thing over and over again.

You never get tired of breathing. Each breath of air is a renewal, a new life. The old life has died with the last breathe and a new one is born.

Your old workout is the past. Today ready for a new one.

You don’t think about the last breath of air, you don’t think about the past..

You focus on the now.

When you get there, you are focused on whats happening right then, and nothing else.

Imagine now, breathing in your workout, and as you breathe out, you feel finished with that pumped-up glow feeling you get afterwards.

Just in and out very slowly.

[Imagine this now for 20 seconds]

Now you are going to follow this bliss by following your workout schedule perfectly.

You will do everything you can to keep up with it.

It is natural. It is easy.

It seems so normal for you to stick to your program, loving it.

Seeing amazing results. the best results in the world. Making huge changes. Changes you never thought possible, coming to life every single moment.

You are amazed by what you can do. You can do anything.

Your results are incredible and they just keep getting better.

So you will stick to your training. You will follow accurately and perfectly, in that state of optimum flow, relaxed but focused.

Thanks for following the Muscle Program! Make sure you keep listening to the audios from Transform Hypnosis everyday.


Total Inner Power

Read nice and slowly.

Give all your thoughts away now.
and allow what you learn and feel to become a part of you.
And during every trance, you will become that much deeper.
Even if you don’t realize it, it goes deep, deep inside of you.
Acting on you in ways you may or may not realize it.
And when you do realize it, there is this sensation of synchronicity.
The feeling that what has happened has come from your balance of great feeling, hopefulness, and relaxing enjoyment.
Whenever you hear me say “sink down”,
you will go down even deeper now.
You may or may not feel the warm blanket around you instantly,
but you will feel a sensation of that same comfort, warmth, and well-being.
The feelings and emotions are what really counts.

You can feel your inner power creeping up.
There is an inner strength within you.
Feel it now.
Your muscles beginning to bulge even more
Bigger, stronger, mightier.
you can see it with your mind’s eye.
Just relax now and take it all in.
Imagine that your body is in it’s perfect form, or better, now
[Spend 20 seconds relaxing and feeling this amazing body of yours]

You are capable of anything.
There is nothing that you cannot do.
More and more every day, you find that your strength increases.
It is easy for your overall energy and strength to increase.
You may even find that your threshold to pain has increased.
It is easy to take on that pain in your muscles, keeping you going,
stopping before any injury,
Awareness to the best of your ability.
But you simply feel better and better,
looking forward to each lift,
knowing that the lift is taking you closer to your goal.
And you just know that you must keep going.
You must lift harder.
You must eat harder and better.
You must train like you have never trained before.

The pain will not, and can not stop you now.

You simply move forward, going harder, doing better and better.

You are fantastic, incredible, unstoppable.

You are muscular, wide, strong, and capable.

Why would you like to go further to the next level?
You can do it for ANY reason at all,
there is no wrong reason here.
Every reason is the right reason.
[Spend 15 seconds thinking about the reasons why you would like this]

It seems so easy to you.
It is natural, normal and easy.
This state of mind is second nature to you.
you are powerful.
You are unstoppable.
Sense what it would be like to sense your true power now
[15 seconds of feeling your power now]

It feels great.
let that truth of who you are take over you now.
relax and let that happen.
Be calm and feel the most genuine part of you become real.
Let the strength come to you.
You can relax now, and allow that to come to you.
It feels good to become that.
relax into the real you.
An advanced you.

Grow now, and keep growing.
Feel that sensation of growth within you.
It’s like you are a large tree, with your roots going deep down.
Securing you. Planted deep and strong.
You are growing, and growing.
Becoming more and more strong
Feel yourself sway with the wind now, letting the little things pass you by.
You know that you are confident and strong in the end.
You are unbreakable, unshakeable.
A beacon of strength now.
Feel that sensation vibrate into you now.
Filling you up with good sensations of security, confidence, and
You are the largest and most secure tree on Earth.
[For 20 seconds, imagine that you are the biggest, toughest tree in the world. Happily swaying gently with the wind.]

Today you will continue growing strong, easily and automatically, and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Just for today, here is a hypnotic gift:

you are now carefree, focused and ready to take on anything.


Gigantic Shoulders

relax deeper, letting it all come to you.

Just letting it happen.

Each and every section of your shoulders, pumping up and increasing.

Feel the sensation of mass growth.

It is comforting and invigorating at the same time

[Imagine IT IS even bigger now]

Feel a glowing red warmth wash over your shoulders,

as if hot, magical red liquid is pouring over them, going inside them,

and filling up every cell, making them expand, and increase in number.

[Use 20 seconds to think of that now]

You’re doing great.

You have the biggest, most amazing looking shoulders.

They look totally incredible.

Bulging like giant boulders.

Large and proud, right on top of your body.

Feel the mass, big and heavy, thick, full.

[Take 15 seconds to feel that]

Thanks for being present with me.

I hope you feel great.

That’s all for now.

Large muscular woman with thick tanned shoulders


Large and sculpted back muscles

Let your back increase in size as it wants to.

giving up any resistance to that amazing growth and increase.

It is happening. Just relax and let it happen.

So that you can feel the greatest.

And have the greatest looking back.

Think of an increase in the mass in all the right areas.

Thickening, widening

[Imagine this now for 15 seconds]

Imagine your upper back muscles bulging and huge in size.

[Think of this now for 15 seconds]

Then your lower back, sized and striated perfectly, or better.

Feel those amazing shapes improve in mass

[Use 15 seconds to think of that]


Now think of it all being sculpted perfectly,

sculpted like a statue.

[Use 15 seconds to feel that way now]

Think of a nice relaxing red liquid energy traveling down your back now.

Reaching into every crevice, every muscle fiber, increasing it’s size as it runs down.

Each and every bulging section becoming bigger and bigger with each passing moment.

And it feels incredible.

It feels pleasurable as it sinks into you, deep into your muscles

[feel that size increase now and imagine that glow for 20 seconds]

Back muscles of very large and sculpted man


Rock hard abdominals with hypnosis

Feel good about yourself.

You look great.

You are getting better looking every day and every moment.

Think of your abs as getting better looking now.

Think of it as ALREADY that way!

[imagine that for 15 seconds]

Try not to think too hard about your rock hard abdominals.

And remember than anything is possible.

And you are good at this.

So feel a vibrating, red liquid energy wash down your core area,

filling it with good feelings,

enter into your cells and shaping it exactly the way you would like, or better

[Imagine this now for 20 seconds]

That’s enough for today.

Your abs look great, you look great, and you are getting better every single day.

Loving the way you are right now.

Feel it!

Man flexing his torso


Thick and hard leg muscles

Your legs are growing bigger now.

Feel the growth increase as you take in these words.

Easily. Automatically.

Harmoniously and powerfully at the same time.

And it feels good.

[Use 15 seconds to imagine them getting bigger]

Great. You have gigantic muscular legs.

Your leg muscles are HUGE.

Massive, bulky, defined.

Relax and let yourself feel that

[Use 15 seconds to feel that it already is]

imagine your glutes, your butt muscles, in their perfect form, or better.

Large in size, the largest muscle in your body.

[Use 15 seconds to imagine these muscles are gigantic]

Think of your quads, feel them grow and shape perfectly.

The biggest possible quads, or better.

Think of them as gigantic

[Use 15 seconds to imagine this now]

Your hamstrings, the back of your legs, in the perfect size and shape, or better.

Taking that size to the max.

Feel it now.

[Use 15 seconds to imagine this]

Not to forget, your calves,

big, huge calve muscles

The front AND the back muscles in that area blowing up.

You can feel that.

[use 15 seconds to feel this]

Good. You have done a great job.

Give yourself a pat on the back. 🙂

I will go into greater detail than this in the future!

Muscular bodybuilder fitness model girl legs

Greatest Arms with hypno

Feel all the ligaments and muscles loosen and relax, allowing your natural energy to flow more freely through every section of your forearms.
Allow an UNNATURAL level of energy to flow through.
A deep, visceral, powerful sensation that takes over every fiber.
Relax and feel the way your forearm muscles stack on top of one another,
your own slightly unique arrangement of musculature.
And allow those parts to relax completely so that the energy flows freely between them, reaching every single area.
[Relax and feel these sensations for at least 20 seconds]

Allow your mind to take you deeper.

Feel how big your biceps have grown now. 

They are massive, gigantic in size,
with huge, tall peaks.
Feel the two main sections of your biceps. This part flexes the arm with strength and also turns the palms.
Notice the way these areas feel right now.
Nice and slowly.
Feel the inside head of your biceps, the half closer to your chest, growing bigger.
Notice the sensation of that increase in size, increasing the peak of your biceps.
[Imagine this for 15 seconds]

Feel the outside head, this part also adding size and shape.
Feel that part grow larger as well.
feel it increase in size as you continue.
And the sensation is very nice, even pleasurable to you as you relax deeper,
and grow even more.

[Imagine this for 15 seconds]

Notice the inner muscles of your bicep, the one at the bottom, and on the inside,
helping to add thickness.
Feel them grow bigger, and as you do,
you can feel your biceps becoming wider.
Now let these feelings sink in as you imagine the growth of all these muscle sections.
[Use 15 seconds to feel that amazing growth]

Your triceps as well, experiencing growth and increase right now.
Each section growing on it’s own, forming it’s own huge bump.
First, you notice the inner section of your triceps growing,
bigger and bigger.

[Imagine this for 15 seconds]
Then the tricep middle section increasing in size,
bigger and larger.

[imagine that for 15 seconds]

Finally, the outer section,
Forming a massive, hard block of muscle on your outer arms (just below the shoulder).
So relax and enjoy that feeling.
[Use 15 seconds to really get a sense of that]

Muscular tanned man lifting weights with biceps


Massive Chest Muscles

Appreciate your body. You’re alive!

You’re breathing today. And that’s a miracle.

So get what you want.

Feel the sensation of having a huge, gigantic chest.

The pecs of your dreams, or better.

[Use 15 seconds to really feel that]

Now imagine them becoming even bigger.

Think of the upper section becoming larger and thicker, the part that attaches to your arms and runs along your clavicle (collarbone) area.

Feel that growth and increase in size there.

[Use 15 seconds to imagine this area growing.]

Think of the lower area now, this is where it looks really good.

That perfectly rounded square shape.

Relax, nice and calm.

Chiseled, sharp, and focused.

Forming a shape that looks incredible, the best you could ever think of.

[Use 15 seconds to see this shape and size now, or better]

You’re doing a great job.

Think of a deep red glow, vibrating through all your chest muscles.

Glowing and growing.

Improving the shape and size in ways you never thought possible.

[15 seconds of doing this]


You will enjoy these rest of your day.

Feeling relaxed, calm, yet invigorated. All is well.


Keep doing amazing things.


Man with very large muscles and chest, tanned skin

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