Happiness is not a requirement for manifestation

Happiness is not a requirement for manifestation

Many think that happiness it is an absolute requirement to get what they really want. This is not so! The only thing that you need is focus and a little emotion tied to it.
If you think of it, and it makes you feel something, then it must come to be. The emotional body does not care if you feel happy about it, fearful, frustrated, or hopeful about it. The simple act of feeling will bring about the attached objects to your reality.

You can create your own reality to get whatever you want, and no gushy lollipop-unicorn-candy-cane feelings are required!

Only non-resistance is required

The warrior trains hard to resist death. But the Master resists nothing, because even death cannot kill her.

When you were young, you probably learned that happiness is the only way that you can get what you want. Your parents wanted you to be happy so that they could be “good parents” or so that they could rest and relax. This is fine, because everyone wants their kids to feel good and be satiated.
As a result, you likely still feel that you cannot achieve what you want without being happy. Conversely, you might even feel that you cannot get what you want unless you are unhappy from all the hard work you’ve done (what an emotionally confusing world we have created!).
You feel that the job you want cannot come because you are unhappy. You may feel that you cannot get the partner you want because your emotions are all over the place. You may think that the sexual favor you want will just not happen because you just aren’t right.
But the fact is, it is not true. None of it is true. You can feel like crap and still get what you want!

Seeing the lies of your own past being lifted. What a bliss!

Girl writing "let go" on a window while looking into you
Good things will come to you, not when you are necessarily happy, but when you are allowing

I believe that getting what you want is the very first step.

You must become satiated. You must be fulfilled. As humans we have certain individual desires, and anyone that tells people to stop desiring is going to be met with the resistance of a killer storm. Try telling someone to stop eating meat. Try telling someone to stop viewing porn or making offensive comedy. You’re looking for trouble–because people are going to get what they want, and if you try to define what will make everyone happy, you might be a little delusional.

Fulfill your needs. Let other people do what they want. Trust that they will find their own right way.

Brown scultpures of faces that look fulfilled
Feelin’ good, gettin’ what you like, trustin’ all that shit

Fulfill your needs first

You’ve got to fill up on what you need. You have to do this before you become happy, before you help others, before you reach “enlightenment”, before you do anything.

Buddha was extravagantly wealthy before he realized the point of life is helping others. He had all the food and drink he could ever ask for. He had droves of women ready at the snap of his finger, and transportation to go virtually anywhere. He had the love and adoration of seemlingly everyone. Siddhartha Guatama (AKA Buddha) was the Jim Carrey of his time.
He started off by saying that generosity is the most important part of life–because generosity creates wealth . It creates a space for us to get what we need.
The second thing he wanted you to know is that giving all thoughts and emotions a space to simply be is the greatest thing you could do. He did not say that you need to be happy. He did not say that a constant state of glee is required to get what you want. He did not say the Law of Attraction is activated by some state you call happiness.

Many people believe that you cannot be truly fulfilled until everyone has received what they need. It’s not uncommon for many people, Buddhists, Theologians, and Agnostics alike, to dedicate their entire lives to helping others, knowing that enlightenment will never come while the world has needs.

The satisfaction of needs must come first. Get what you want, no matter what that is.

Young blonde boy reaching up for help.
See the needs you have, and fulfill them before you do anything else.

Not everyone WANTS happiness

In many spiritual circles, it is believed that happiness is everyone’s desire. But try telling an angry person to be happy, and watch the fallout.¬†Try telling a depressed person to be happy, and notice how ridiculous that idea is…
It doesn’t work because that person wants to be angry or unhappy in that moment. Maybe the anger is there to get something done (and it often does; it works better than fear, after all). Maybe the depression is there so that the person can have a deep-rest, or so that someone can help them find what’s truly missing.

Man with vest and beret, looking grumpy, complacent, or dissatisfied
If you don’t want happiness, that’s alright.

Calmness is the only true virtue for creating great things

Calmness combined with anger will make things happen. Calmness plus fear will alert you to danger. Calmness and frustration will help you figure out new solutions. Calmness with joy will bring you to pure bliss.
Of course there is one exception to this rule–it doesn’t apply if you are actually in immediate danger. In which case, you can think hard and fast to address it with absolute force. But when the real danger comes, you’ll react without thinking. Trust.

If you can find the integrity to relax, enjoy the breeze on your face and the clothes on your back, then you’ll have amazing results, even when it looks like the shit has hit the fan.

Enjoying some coffee and a pug while relaxing

Happiness can only be a SELF-DEFINED metric.

No one can tell you that they are happier than you. No one can tell you that their way will make you happier. There is no measurement of happiness–no one can meter out the joules of happy inside you. The moment you say there is happiness, then there it is!

Only you can define it!
Your only obligation is to be. This is why they call you a human being. There are truly no other requirements for you. Feel free to be as you are, right now in this moment.

Do what you like

Just for today, let go of the need to be happy, or at least decide to make your own definition of happiness.
Maybe someone else wants to define it for you. Maybe they want to force you to cheer up. If they do, feel free to say “suck a lemon”.


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  1. Awesome my Lord and Master you are wonderful totally and wonderful my mind is totally yours to control

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