Listening to hypnosis files all night–does it work?

Listening to hypnosis files all night–does it work?

Let’s explore hypnosis during sleep.

I see it a lot. Someone is excited to have their brain completely changed so they want to listen to hypnosis all night. They may think that hypnosis is incredibly similar to sleep. The brainwave patterns lower. You go into a dreamy, sleepy state of mind. Your body control may become loose and become heavy. It’s true… you become suggestible and easily changed during this state of sleep AND during hypnosis.

I have given suggestions to someone while they slept before. A sort of hypnosis without any induction needed. And it worked. They woke up and did exactly what I had suggested. Sometimes they will simply dream about what I am telling them, or they will dream about it the next time they sleep, as if the brain is remembering these suggestions and associating it with sleep. So we know that sleep suggestions can be incredibly powerful, and a lot of fun.

But having someone directing you while you sleep is not the same as listening to a hypnosis file.

The effects are quite unreliable.

Anything could happen while dreaming. It could be pleasant or it could be a nightmare. You don’t know what is going on during this wild time of the night for the brain.

Sleep is not hypnosis, and usually does not work the same. Listening to hypnosis during sleep may work for some, but for most people it will not.

Hypnosis, and other distractions, distract you from proper sleep.

We all vaguely understand that we need a good amount of high quality sleep in order be happy, healthy, and beautiful inside and out. But what is it that is really important?

Autophagy- This happens during sleep and we do not want to interrupt the process. It’s when the body cleans itself out. Clearing out the unneeded bits from your cells.

During sleep, the body releases hormones that help you to recover. If you need to heal some part of the body, this will become healed during sleep. The hormones encourage new fresh tissues and cells to grow. Blood vessels become repaired. The nervous system becomes refreshed. Wounds heal faster during sleep, and sore and damaged muscles becomes repaired so that they can manage whatever you have been throwing at them and become stronger for you.

Suggestions within the hypnosis file can take you in and out of sleep. Interruptions are not ideal.

Your mind needs your dreams

You may not have realized that you dream all night long. Approximately every 90 minutes, you complete a brand new dream, unlike any other dream you have ever had. You go on a journey that is very psychological, and if you believe so, one might say it is even a spiritual experience. Regardless, your dreams are a sacred and incredibly important part of your life. There is a reason it happens every night multiple times.

The things that happen in your dream are important too. Dream interpretation is a weird art, and it is very imprecise (and a load of hogwash, usually).

Why is it so often a load of bull?

Because it’s not important what happens during your dream. What’s important is how this circumstance makes you feel. Your feelings related to all things are important. Your emotions are essential, and feeling them is essential. Yes, you have to experience all of those sensations and feelings. That’s why your dreams are so vivid. That’s why your logical, analytical mind shuts down during a dream. So that these experiences can vividly, powerfully shake your emotional body while you are most sensitive to it.

Dream interpretation memes are a bunch of hooey. However, there is one way to undeniably and accurately interpret a dream’s meaning and importance. By simply seeing what you are feeling during that experience. Look beyond the strange circumstance of “swordfish circling Russel Brand’s beard in your third grade classroom” and just look at what you are feeling during that moment. That’s the only thing you need to pay attention to.

These emotions are your guide.

Emotions are your compass. They tell you what is right and wrong. They tell you what you need to do. They show you what you need to create the opposite of. Your emotional compass always points in the right direction.

You don’t need to even remember these dreams. You will subconsciously know them. You aren’t even supposed to fully recall them. It’s impossible. Go ahead and try to remember it (dream journals are awesome though and I recommend the practice). It makes no sense and when you put it into words, it is all lost into a psychedelic jumble. The body may even produce DMT during sleep.

Getting a full night’s sleep helps guide you in life. It will take you in the directions that you personally need to go. It will provide your body with what it needs.

It is best to let your mind and body experience a full sleep. That is why I recommend you do not listen to hypnosis files during sleep. However, everyone is unique. This may not be true for everyone. In the end, the choice is up to you.

There is an alternative way to get this all-night effect you are looking for.

Have you ever noticed that when you wake up, you are often in a similar mood as the night before? That’s because you hold onto this like an inertia during your sleep. After all, you are often pretty motionless and inert while you sleep. You are not up exercising and moving, which is where you break psychological inertia and change. So you remain the way you were before you slept. Well you can take advantage of that. Listen to a hypnosis file before bed. It will make you incredibly sleepy anyway, and when you go to sleep afterwards, you will maintain that brain pattern all night long! This means the effect remains with you, and sleep enhances the effect of the hypnosis, whether that is changing your body or changing your mind.

There are some situations where it is beneficial to listen during sleep….

If you have nightmares.

The smooth calming effect of a hypnosis file will prevent nightmares from occurring. Research shows that people have less nightmares when they listen to something they previously found calming. So if you have already listened to hypnosis during a wakeful period, and it calmed you, then the same thing will happen during dreams. It will calm you and prevent nightmares.

If you really like repetition.

The hypnosis file is going to repeat over and over, and youll be listening to it every night, on repeat. You may get tired of it. Until your brain begins ignoring it. But for some people, this doesn’t happen. Just like some people can listen to the same song over and over, never tiring of it, some people don’t mind listening to the same hypnosis file all night every night.

If it genuinely helps you sleep

For most people, hypnosis interrupts their sleep. But for some, it’s the only way that they can get to sleep. I recommend listening BEFORE sleeping, to get you into the calm sleep mood and put your brain into the mindset you have chosen. But if you need it to play all night long to keep you asleep, then do it. Some people are different, which is to be expected.

The bottom line

So if hypnosis files keep you awake, interrupt dream cycles, or tire your brain, then listen to hypnosis before sleep and not during sleep. I only recommend listening during sleep if you personally find it clearly beneficial for you. Try out sleep-listening and before-sleep listening to decide what’s right for you. You’ll know based on how you feel when you wake up.

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  1. I can’t wait to pick out a feminization file and listen to it before I fall asleep tonight. This has me so excited, like that sexy feeling I get putting on new lingerie and pretty little outfit, doing my makeup and having a wig and heels that fit to complete me and let my natural girly self show through.

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