The best ROI for your life is simple.

The best ROI for your life is simple.

There’s ONE single thing that you can invest in that will always net you the biggest gains for the amount that you put in.


As simple as that. Often overlooked in today’s fast-paced social media world. But if you can slow down and take in a book, you will absorb a wealth of knowledge.

Today’s books are often better than ever. Giving the reader the most valuable information possible is a competitive game. That means that you get to benefit from this. 

Do not underestimate this simple strategy. If the author is good, it’s the investment of your life. It’s an author’s entire life’s worth of experience and knowledge packed in. You can get incredible ideas from authors, who are generally smart and helpful people. You will be amazed at what you can learn. You can learn to do just about anything.

For example… Looking to make more money? Just try searching these topics on Amazon.


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Or you could search any specific topic or niche that you are into.

I have a personal rule about books. If I want the book, I buy it! As simple as that. Books have provided me with a crazy amount of success in my life. I owe everything to brilliant authors. In fact, a lot of people ask me which books I used to get started with hypnosis. I read one or two books on the subject, but beyond that, I consumed a ton of books on spirituality, self-improvement, comedy, and business. These books formed the basis for my journey, which has improved thousands of lives through my efforts at this point. All guided by other helpful humans out there. I would never have been able to accomplish this without taking advice and inspiration from these authors.

Even though my work is in hypnotism, I have read very few books on the subject. But I have extensively read into techniques and advice from masters of many crafts. The gentle, uplifting musings of Deepak Chopra can be found in my work. The meditative quality of Eckhart Tolle influenced me. The genius of Teal Swan creeped into my work. Lorna Gabriel took my skills on an incredibly strange quantum leap. Then my business plan formed around advice from business experts. Almost none of them were hypnotists.

Before my journey of becoming a hypnotist, when I was making minimum wage, I didn’t want to risk so much of hard-earned money on the best new books. I would browse books at a nearby thrift store, where I could get paperbacks for one dollar. It was a Godsend for me. One dollar would  often turn into a magical amount of value. One of the books I thrifted was Online Business For Dummies. When I took it home to read it, I was hilariously disappointed. The book was published in 1998, and had instructions on operating ancient websites and strategies that obviously don’t work anymore (though I am surprised that many strategies stayed the same up to today). I went online and bought the latest edition of Online Business for Dummies. Then I based this website on that guidance. Everything went (relatively) smoothly from there!

The whole point is this– use books to find success! Because books have a return on investment greater than anything else you could put your money into.

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