You may find yourself disappear from your bed or chair, drifting into space as you are gently abducted by aliens and implanted with electronic devices all over your body, hidden underneath your skin. You awaken to find your body feels more mechanical, yet fluid, your joints and muscles whirring gently with each movement.Your mind completely depleted and blissful as you become a cyber-drone.


It was very difficult to offer this to listen for free, but you just have to experience this one.


Made me feel like I was twirling and spiraling gently from Earth, surrounded in blues and purples, out into the stars, past the solar system and galaxies, smiling and floating away -Telea




  1. Martin

    I felt like i was transformed into a cyborg it felt so amazing

  2. Hendrick

    Wow, it really is happening to me, I am becoming a CYBORG now. Reporting for duty, commander.

  3. Lynda

    Made feel like I was floating, being stretched out. When visualising leaving the body. I felt like I sat up out it just looking down at my lower torso

  4. Lady Keiki Doll

    Loved It! Dual Inductions like this one always gets me Deep fast for some reasons. I don’t recall all that happened to me; plus, the more I listened to this file- the harder it is for me to shake that awesome feeling of the Files after Affects. Very excellent, well paced induction- so if I had one negative about it- It would be that I crave more programming lol… no Really…


    Lady Keiki Doll

    • JackStock

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      • Keiki Alani Frazee

        It was like being really turned into a drone like bot & there is nothing I could do but enjoy it and then I just go completely blank & don’t recall a thing afterwards, it was as if I was literally shut off, & with the kind of pain I go thru daily- it really helps me every time I listen to it. Not feeling anything is much better than my daily pains I go thru. I just remember only bliss & want more & more. So thank You yet again! *huggles*

        Lady Keiki Doll

  5. Sean

    Cyborgdrone reporting for duty ,Commander.

  6. Michael

    Totally awesome I love the transformation wish there was more

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