Build a powerful, masculine body and mind. The mindset of a hero. The body of  a champion. You will do anything to attain these things. You will feel empowered and confident, and this confidence will flow into all other parts of your life automatically. You are filled with the best alpha male traits.

Your body becomes more muscular and defined as your natural testosterone increases. You have a larger, stronger body in all areas. Even your genitals grow in size to match your masculinity. Your sexual health improves as a result, making you virile and energetic. Your voice also deepens.

You develop an iron willpower, a need to go further with every aspect of your life, and an unstoppable mindset.

Runtime: 42 Minutes

Expect an immediate change in mental traits after a few listens, and expect physical changes to be visible after one or two months of daily listening


The information provided is not intended to replace medical treatment. Transform Hypnosis is not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from engaging with the content provided. Never listen to this content while driving or operating machinery, or any time that it is not safe to fall asleep. Always see your physician for help with any medical issues.



  1. steve

    Brill love it give you the edge over other bodybuilders

  2. esinar

    This is really excellent! Well written, and crafted. Great file…am looking forward to changes in life and at the gym and in my physique

  3. Warp1

    This file is amazingly empowering. It was so wonderfully paced and quite pleasurable (in the relaxing sense). A great file for guys wanting to become a powerfully masculine man inside and out.

  4. Mark E

    This is an amazing file! It takes me under almost immediately and leaves me feeling fantastic. I can already begin to feel these positive changes in my life, and I can’t wait to go to the gym now. When I’m done listening to the file, I feel so confident, full of energy, and sexually aroused. It’s just awesome!

  5. GTR

    This is the body building/workout file you can get. Jack is amazing. He guides you with his strong, addicting voice and leaves enough room for your imagination to fill in the blanks using your own imagination. This makes the file highly customizable and personal. If you keep listening, Jack stays with you during the day and that’s a good thing. The feelings, thoughts and emotions are powerful and positive. I’ve been listening to this a couple of times a day every day and I promise you, if you are truly into a transformation for the better, this file can provide it. You’re incredible, Jack!

  6. Lyndon

    Awesome, an increase in size across chest and biceps.

  7. Jan

    This hypnosis file makes me feel more confident about myself, manly and attractive. It encourages me to work on my body and mind. I get so relaxed when I listen to it, experience such pleasant sensations… I can’t describe how I love this file…

  8. Tim

    I love this recording! It’s a fantastic complement to my workout routine! Jackson’s approach is so effective in lulling me into a hyper-relaxed state!

  9. steve

    Could do a male hormone boost for us older guys

  10. steve

    I have lost over 8 stone with jacks help and ofcourse training and diet recomend all the muscle files

  11. joshuafarag

    I love it after i felt much more stronger i really recomend it i can’t even describe how big strong and motivated i feel

  12. Renato

    I bought this product a few days ago, but I already have visible results. A considerable increase in self-esteem, not caring about the opinion of others. I feel comfortable anywhere I go. I like bodybuilding and I’m much more focused and inspired to train, including yesterday I did the best workout of my life. The people by my side are impressed, but also who cares. I want more fuckin ‘shit hahaha. I feel more assertive and not afraid to express my opinion however different. I am immersed in techniques to invest in stock in the stock market and feel totally in control of my financial life. I’m 1000% focused on myself and others who live their life, because they do not interest me at all. Soon I will come back for more updates.

  13. kay

    i really love this one. I heard it a lot and enjoyed it very much. a wonderful feeling.

  14. Chas

    I’m enjoying this a lot. It starts off with Jack speaking, saying lots of positive, Alpha Male things. After a short time, his voice moves to one ear, and as it continues there, his narrative begins again in the other ear. My conscious mind can’t decide which one to focus on, and just surrenders, quickly putting me into a trance state.

    You can sit somewhere quietly and listen to it, but you can also listen to it while working out at the gym, or while doing repetitive tasks like house work or yard work.

    Lots of positive reinforcement and support for your inner and outer Alpha Male persona(s). I love it!

  15. Steve

    This file is fantastic. As the description tells, it covers ALL of the bases of the alpha male energy. You get bigger muscles, a bigger penis, a deeper voice, and the confidence to walk into any challenge life throws at you with your head held high.

    I’ve been listening to this file every day for about two months now, and I can tell a clear improvement in all of those traits, especially my muscle growth. If you regularly listen to this file alongside any of the other files specifically dedicated to muscle growth, you will seriously build muscle at a pretty astonishing rate. I can see layers of muscle being added to my frame every single day now despite only working out with light weights at home a couple times a week. In fact, I’m building muscle faster now than I was when I actually did hardcore workouts at a gym five times a week. I’ve found that in order to double down on the hypno effects with workouts, you really just need to do the movements for each muscle with light weight and get them activated consistently. No hard work necessary.

    I do want to emphasize that all of the files work best when you listen regularly and truly believe that it’s working. If you’ve never done hypnosis before, you’ll likely go through a period of doubt where you think it’s not working and that you wasted your time and money, but then when you least expect it, you’ll have a moment where you catch yourself in the mirror and think, “Damn… maybe it really is working.” The effects start off very small and gradual at first, but once you start noticing it in your daily life, it REALLY hits the ground running and doesn’t stop.

  16. Caswir

    This file is incredible. The effects are powerful and seem to take effect very quickly. You WILL get shit done and love doing it. I’m noticing much better eye contact and a growing presence that other people can obviously feel. People are respecting me more as a mover and shaker, and my confidence is becoming more and more unshakeable. You will find yourself more generous and protective of others all the while loving life more fully. My sex drive is through the roof and the muscle growth is real. It works really well with other files such as Masculine Mind Implant or any of the muscle growth files. Give it a shot and feel what it’s like to reach new heights of masculine power, dominance, and motivation. Thank you, Jack!!!

  17. B23

    This has been majorly ratcheting up my libido. Feels good to sense my most alpha self emerging.

  18. Jack

    Can’t really listen and relax to it due to double voice in each ear. I am getting more of anxiety than any benefit. Wish to return it as I won’t listen to it again. dissatisfied.

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