Attract the hottest, most dominant men. Create an attractive physical glow while your personality takes on a vibrancy that is absolutely mesmerizing to powerful men.
You will find the right way to provide for his specific needs. High-value men love being provided for. As much as we joke about men being all the same, we know that all men are different, with different desires. This recording helps you become attractive in general, but focuses mostly on attracting men with a powerful and dominant persona.
This recording will take care of everything. It’s simple and easy. Just lay back, listen , and become transformed.
This is appropriate for all gender types. suitable for anyone that likes this kind of man.


  1. John

    This is a great recording. I knew it would be of high quality however my expectations were massively exceeded. It is indeed gender neutral, and has some lovely tweaks made to it as well. If you’re even remotely considering this file, do not hesitate. I purchased this file yesterday and since then have already have had a long conversation with a person of interest regarding our respective desires which coincided so surprisingly well. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

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