You really are a cat. Feeling the fur on your skin. Feeling your tail. A fluffy, cuddly predator. Meowing, playing with objects, and not thinking deeply but simply observing. Scratching things with your claws, feeling total pride and self-satisfaction. Totally alert all the time, and yet able to drift off into a deep sleep at any moment.

The main focus is on feeling the characteristics of cats, the personality of them.

Effects: Claws, tail, fur, cuddlyness, playfulness, simple thoughts, predatory, alert but sleepy


  1. michael

    it’s kind of difficult for me to really review this file, seeing as the induction is so nice and relaxing that i end up falling alseep when the induction ends and the actual ifile begins. but when i wake up i feel so relaxed without a care in the world. and then i basically sit in my room cuddling my cat and staring out of the window. all in all from my experience a great file for when you want to relax and stop worrying about things.

  2. Cindy

    That was so relaxing, thank you! Meow…

  3. Mona Maier

    I”d like to have one limited to 30 or 60 minutes

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