This loop has been triggered by other files to grow or shape you as the construction crew does the work for you. Just listen to this in the background, you can do it while you read, work, cook, relax, etc. Any time you are listening to this, your body will grow in the way specified by the file you have listened to.

This will work for any audio file that uses the construction crew.



  1. AJ

    What is the best way to listen to this?

    • JackStock

      Just listen on loop, undistracted, while you remember the feelings from the file you listened to containing construction crew

      • AJ

        Okay thanks

  2. joshuafarag

    Best thing ever highly recomend to anyone willing to take their muscle growth to tje next next levek

  3. H

    A passive track used to activate the underlying triggers implanted by the crew

  4. Ashley

    I’ve just purchased this file, how can I download it?

  5. Lyubomir

    Should we listen to the construction crew before or after the desired video

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