Suitable for any gender identification, Mtf (male to female), female, or otherwise. Strongly feminine based.

You love moving your hips like a beautiful woman. Feeling the urge to move whenever you can, your joints free to express with feminine movement. Love being a dancing girl!



  1. Lurpac

    I love what this file has done to me. My body needs to move almost constantly and I love dropping and shaking my ass. Truthfully, I have no memory of the files contents. But as soon as I came to I couldn’t stop myself from girating and shaking and letting loose. Even now I can feel my legs and ass wanting to shake. Really powerful. Thank you for the experience

  2. Natasha

    Thank you for the experience Sir.

  3. Eddy

    I love this file! I was never into dancing before, but since listening to this, I’ve been watching online tutorials to improve my moves!

  4. Danika Hicks

    Yes, it’s true: music moves me more now!

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