This is a very deep and mysterious file that you will have to listen to in order to find out what will happen. Be warned, though. Anything could happen. If you choose to listen to this, then you will be subject to all of the permanent effects.
Suitable for any gender.
May include submission and domination themes, feminization, and mind control roleplay. You may also find it very hard to remember, making the contents and effects very hard to recall. This gives you a new surprise every single time you listen.
Runtime: 47 mins
Legal Disclaimer: Never listen while driving or any time it is not safe to fall asleep. We are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of listening to this recording. By listening to this recording, you acknowledge that you accept responsibility for your own body and your own actions.


  1. melanie beaver

    my one and only file so far, ……. so good…deep…… my breasts beckon obedience to Jack… my vagina craves JackStock….ovarywhelmed with wonderful feelings, sensations and “Feminine Surprise”

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