Grow bigger
More dominant

More bloodflow and stamina


Attract women

Masturbate less, have more sex



Become a powerful alpha male freak, with a huge cock/balls and virile sperm. Grow bigger and taller. Dominance and power. Hands, legs, feet, entire body growing larger. Bloodflow, stamina, flexibility. Ability to attract women powerfully. Masturbate less, fuck women more. Combination of Alpha Male, Mutant Muscle Freak, Himbo, Penis Growth, and Grow Taller.
Suitable for straight males only.
There are so many masculinization files now, so it may be hard to choose. The best option is to get the All Transformation/Self Improvement Files package on my website, which gives you all current and future files of this type at a fraction of the price.


  1. B23

    This one is really good, really detailed. I like how much emphasis there is on virility and growing your cock bigger and bigger.

    I like that this is combined with alpha attitude and muscle building.

    I’d say this is a great companion to the alpha male file. Kind of an Alpha Male 2.0.

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