After listening to this audio file, you will find that your daily supplements have transformed into your HypnoTabs, enhancing the effect of hypnotic suggestion on you. Whatever hypnosis you have listened to recently will come back in full force, or greater, every time you have your daily nutrition.
This is a brainwashing fantasy file, but the effects are very real if you choose to accept it by listening to this audio.If this is a secret desire of yours (or not so secret), then it works very powerfully on you. In fact, you’ll find it absolutely irresistable.
Yes, this is the placebo effect. But why not use it to enhance our performance? Let’s use any advantage possible. Studies show that placebos work even when you tell someone it’s just a placebo!
Vitamins and proper nutrition are essential. Decide which supplements YOU want to use. You don’t want just enough to survive, you want enough to THRIVE. A safe and plentiful amount of quality nutrition will do you a world of good.
Talk to a dietician to get your optimum nutrition, and always check with your medical professional before taking supplements
Legal Disclaimer:
You are responsible for making your own nutrition choices. Always talk to your doctor before trying any new nutritional supplement. We are not responsible for any damage or loss as a result of listening to this audio. Never listen while driving, or any time it is not safe to fall asleep.


  1. Anthony

    This hypno is one of several hypno’s from Jack that I try to listen to fairly regularly. I have a very logical mind and had a hard time learning to allow myself to enter that mindset, and this is one of the audios that really helped me learn how to (and also feel comfortable with) be hypnotized and to allow myself to relax deeply.

    One of the reasons I like hypnosis so much is that it relaxes me and free’s me from my otherwise stressful life. I have a habit of over-stressing and being very tense, but this hypnosis helps me by reminding me to take care of myself DAILY. Not only am I taking daily supplements and vitamins, but I’m also taking my hypnoTab that reminds me to be at peace and to also focus on personal growth and well-being, and my own goals (rather than just putting out work fires and getting by).

    Jack is so amazing and supportive, this aduio file adds to that and empowers everything else. It makes me feel safe, and cared for, and puts me in a great headspace. I highly recommend this audio file to anyone starting their hypnosis journey with Jack.

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