You can be a muscle jock AND a lover of the arts with this double-persona. With multiple selves, you can get more things done. You have a personality that keeps you in great shape, and one that helps you enjoy art, leisure, and your work. Your personalities will take turns coming out in your life when the time is right. Having multiple personalities is normal and healthy. It makes you much more capable as a person!
-Muscular, loves working out and eating great food. He keeps you in incredible shape.
-High libido. This is the part of you that loves to have great sex.
-Sharp minded and intelligent
-Love of music
-Expresses talents freely and practices to do well
-Loves fine arts (theater, film, music, visual art, and anything else)
No matter who you are, you have a strong self confidence that helps you with all your endeavors.
To create your own specific persona, check out the Alternate Persona file (or you may order a Custom Audio)


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