Made specifically for women and suitable for any biological gender that identifies as female.

This file will help you with your fitness goals without making you too bulky and masculine.

You will gain a strong, capable, and beautiful body when you listen to this. It also helps you love who you are, eat plenty of vegetables, exercise more, and increase your feminine power in general.

Effects: Fat loss, lean muscle, exercise more, eat better foods




  1. Onelia Caceres

    All of your work is wonderful.. I may need something more tailored to my needs.. I enjoyed it . I preferred muscle growth for a lot of amazing excited reasons..over all excellent work looking forward to much much more.

  2. Onelia Caceres

    Would love to have all your work available on YouTube.. makes it easier to make a playlist to listen to together with other great work’s of yours..

  3. Jill

    Very affirming! I am looking forward to training with this one, in more ways than one.

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