Shame and guilt are low emotions that actually do not benefit anyone. Many of us have been subject to shaming at a young age, however this is an act of controlling, rather than personal growth — even though it may have been intended for the sake of love. Shaming can cause temporary control over someone, especially a child. But they do not realize the negative impacts it will have in the future.

You may notice that you often have this sensation of feeling guilty all the time, often for no identifiable reason.

You can take control of your deep-seated feelings to make them pass away, while still leaving you with the ability to make good choices for yourself and the people around you.

You might find that these feelings are no longer serving you. You don’t have to feel shame to improve yourself or have decent behavior. Enjoy anything you desireĀ in your life. This will help you feel less guilty, and overcoming any depressive feelings that come with it.


The information provided is not intended to replace medical treatment. Transform Hypnosis is not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from engaging with the content provided. Never listen to this content while driving or operating machinery, or any time that it is not safe to fall asleep. Always see your physician for help with any medical issues.


  1. Rgn

    Very nice, deeply relaxing trance.

  2. Stephen Sisco

    This actually might be favorite recording so far. It’s so relaxing and I think I went deeper than I’ve even gone due to that. This is probably a good file for beginners.

  3. rayy

    Awesome file–very relaxing and rewarding. So much useful information. Jack will definitely improve your life if you let him.

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