Hows it feel to have beautiful light, clear skin? If it feels good to you, that’s exactly how you should feel. Skin bleaching or lightening cream is becoming ever more common, but using this, you can forego treatment (or do both) to achieve your desired result. This will help you appreciate your skin so much that you keep up with your beauty regime, or simply stay out of the sun. It will also decrease your melanin levels naturally, as your mind already knows how to do this.

Imagine looking at yourself and seeing your perfect light skin.


The information provided is not intended to replace medical treatment. Transform Hypnosis is not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from engaging with the content provided. Never listen to this content while driving or operating machinery, or any time that it is not safe to fall asleep. Always see your physician for help with any medical issues.


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    Hi. Thanks for letting me download your file.

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