This is easily the most popular recording on this website. A true fan favorite. This file has a slight mind-control domination flavor to bodybuilding hypnosis.

There is no need to exercise, though it will definitely help if you do. It will add muscles to your entire body.

You don’t have to do anything, just lay back, focus on feeling the words as they come, and enjoy the sensations.

You can listen to it for free in the video below.


This file is gold. Your voice, the suggestions, everything… it´s amazing. I love you! -Igotaboy


What a great, positive induction. I found your voice tone perfect for inducing a comfortable transition into a very peasant trance. -botboy


I love the effects and his other files are amazing 5star rating -5ha99y


This file is simply great. I have gained multiple inches of muscle to my chest very quickly and my abs are much stronger and larger now. -growing_giant


This media is for entertainment purposes only. The information provided is not intended to replace medical treatment. Transform Hypnosis and Jackstock are not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from engaging with the content provided. Never listen to this content while driving or operating machinery, or any time that it is not safe to fall asleep.


  1. Ranell

    Idk if this really works

  2. MartyP

    Just started listening, but really impressed with the quality and imagery. Can’t wait to see what results I can achieve with this FREE file!
    Thanks Jack

  3. Daniel

    This file makes me feel relaxed, secure and in a positive frame of mind where anything is possible. I can feel my muscles transforming day by day and this makes me very excited and happy. An amazing file.

  4. martin

    Really loving this Trance! Takes me sooo deep and relaxed, and I can really see and feel my muscles growing gigantic and beautiful! Takes me deeper and deeper every time and I can’t wait to listen to it again, and again, and again. Going to be soooo HUGE 🙂
    Thanks so much Jack

  5. Topher Ray

    I love this file so much. I feel jack relaxing every fiber of my being, allowing me to go under and become exactly the muscled stud he wants! Each time I listen I want to go under more and more. Please don’t stop Jack. Your files make me feel so amazing

  6. mat voorter

    I like the muscle growth no work out needed file and wonder what interplay is going on in this divine, blissfully trip you are guiding the listener through.

  7. Nolan

    It works

  8. Greg

    Its amazing how intense this is. I look and feel jacked, and visualize myself like the old school Olympia competitors.

  9. Fiquin

    So no results anybody?

  10. Dave

    Having enjoyed the benefits of self hypnosis thru CD or DVD , Jackson has caught my attention. the calm and deliberate approach to my weight training is servicing me well. am looking forward to muscling up even more under his guidance. . the only stutter-step I hit with this
    one personally was when jackson says to “make believe” you are muscular , when I already am muscular , looking to increase size and strength each day.

  11. MrBill

    Awesome file. Really helps to augment and fuel my workout. Jackstock is a great trainer, I really appreciate his energy and encouragement.

  12. Hunter

    I feel like I go down deeper with Jack than any other hypnosis files I’ve tried. His voice and cadence are incredibly alluring and relaxing. But specifically with this file, since listening for the first time a few weeks ago, on separate occasions a few people have commented that I look like I’ve been working out and when I look in the mirror or just focus on the feeling in my muscles I definitely feel like I’m getting results

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