With the power of hypnotic suggestion, your mustache hair grows longer and thicker than every before. You find yourself with an irresistible and inescapable need to grow and wear a mustache. You only want to wear a mustache, no other facial hair. You are compelled to grow it freely and without restriction, wanting to keep it big and bushy. You want it so much, that you are left completely and totally unable to remove it and very reluctant to trim it.
You are responsible for your own facial hair choices and responsible for your own actions. We are not responsible for any changes to your life or your body. Please never listen while driving, or any time it is not safe to fall asleep. By listening to this audio file, you agree to take full responsibility for any loss or damage you, your belongings, and all the lame people who don’t want you to have a mustache.


  1. JackStock

    this is the test

  2. Marc

    Amazing file.. I was half heartly interested in having a mustache. I listened to this file and it changed my brain chemistry. I now smile in the mirror when I see my bushy mustache. I never want to shave it off because I now feel like it’s part of my identity. I actually get attractive stares and attention from both sexes of attractive men and women; even though I am gay I appreciate it. I have even collected images on Pinterest on styles of bushy mustaches. Great file but, be aware it will forever change your perception and you will not get rid of or, want to remove a thick bushy mustache from your face.

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