You’re going to obsess over your muscle growth.



The first Muscle Freak file was a huge success, but this one explores new techniques. You’re going to obsess over your muscle growth. You will do anything it takes to become an absolute FREAK. Your ENTIRE LIFE is based around growing your muscles as large as possible.
Your only focus in life is your training, your nutrition, and other things that make you big and muscular.
Your cock and balls will grow larger. You will experience a natural increase in arousal, but your sexual energy will be focused into your training to make your body even better.

This is NOT for everyone. This is very extreme.

Please note: you do not need to listen to the first file for this one to work


  1. Dalebob

    Love this file. If your serious about training, do not hesitate. Get this file. I’ve listened to many and have a few custom. This is by far THE best file. Direct, to the point, and the more you listen, becoming a freak WILL be your only thoughts and obsession. Thank you Jack.

  2. Dalebob

    I wanted to edit and update. I’ve had this file for less than a week now. Every listen grows more intense. It’s so simple. It puts me under like nothing I’ve ever experienced before with other Jack files. DO NOT hesitate. If you want to be a freak, order this today. You won’t be sorry …..

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