Create an alternate persona that is activated any time you put on a redneck-style hat. It can be a ball cap or cowboy, or anything else that you feel suits your character. This persona will be separate from your everyday persona. They will have separate wants, desires, needs, and dislikes.
Your redneck persona is strong, proactive, and loves to have fun.

You love to talk with a deep voice and a drawl.

You love to drink cheap beer and whiskey, even if the regular you doesn’t like that.

You are mechanically smart, but not book smart–that’s not necessary.

You like sports, especially auto racing, football, MMA, and wrestling.

A love for the outdoors–hiking, hunting, fishing.

Great with your hands, so you can work on home projects or cars and trucks.

Plaid clothing, camouflage, caps, boots, etc.
This alternate persona is great for staying in shape. Everyone needs a break to get into the great outdoors and use your hands.
To create your own personal unique persona, check out the Alternate Persona file (or you may order a Custom Audio)

“I was stoked to see you had a redneck file. Listened to it twice already and had a great time.” -D.K.

“hey man — gotta thank ya again shits goin great-S.N


  1. Fen

    I absolutely love this file. Takes me deeper than ever every listen and feels fantastic. I never remember much of it, but when I wake up wearing that beat-up old Chevy cap it’s got me country as hell! Feels so good it I don’t even want to resist just keeping the cap on for a good long while and letting the redneck out.

  2. BuddyFriendly

    I need more wanan go further.

  3. Anon

    Makes me feel amazing when listening and my redneck side grows stronger each time

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