You will go into a very deep sleep, where you find yourself having very sexual dreams



Loop this as you sleep at night and you will find yourself having very sexual dreams. This is a very sleepy experience, so you would have to fight to stay awake (not that you’d want to). It will put you down into a very deep sleep all night long, then you dream about your most erotic fantasies.

I’m going to help you stay lucid during your sleep, by reminding you that you may be dreaming. (Lucid means that you are aware!) I help you with the experience of what it’s like in lucid dream world through the power of hypnosis.
You can be very aware, or you could be deep in a dream, it is very different for everyone. This will be a unique lucid dreaming enhancement for you. I really like to take you to this place of wonder.
Remember, there is no way to get this wrong. You just loop it all night long and let my slow voice take you away.
So many people tell me that they listen to my files at night. But they aren’t intended for that (though my awakener portion is usually quite gentle). I think a sleep file should be made a bit differently. It has to give you the chance to really sleep. it has to be DEEPER than a regular file, which I am trying to basically keep you ‘awake’ with. With this one, you can go down so far that you may actually fully sleep, and then actually dream, which is a really cool experience when it happens.
Please note, you may not always remember your dreams! That’s normal, and often means you are sleeping GREAT if you can remember them. Kinda like a deep hypnosis session, you don’t always remember (I try to make sure that you remember as much as possible in most of my files).
Yes, that means that the deeper your dreams are, the harder they are to remember (kinda sucks, right? but that’s how it is). You ever wake up and think, wow, that was an intense dream! Then you try to recall it a few minutes later and you have already forgotten it? That might be the DMT that is released during dreams, which causes an intense out-of-body experience, but it also makes you forget it. It makes sense, after all, because if you remember all your dreams like they were reality, your sense of reality would be very distorted.
So be thankful that you do not always remember those dreams.
I recommend you keep a dream journal if you want to get better at recalling dreams from memory. you wake up and you get used to thinking back at what happened in your dream while you slept deeply. You have to write it down right away! Otherwise the memory will be lost and you will never again recall that sweet, sweet dream that you just had.
Sleeping is about 1/3 of your entire life. You will spend some 20-40 years of your life sleeping. You live an entire dream life. Dreams are a part of your reality, and you often connect to the astral realm when you do it. You leave your body behind and connect to many other dimensions while you sleep. Usually it is unrelated to your current dimensional reality, and it’s all a bunch of random stuff. But occasionally your dreams are too spot-on and synchronistic to ignore. You ever have a dream about a friend, and then your friend tells you that they were actually doing that? Have you ever predicted the future with your dreams?
Dreams often DO predict the future. But it’s usually not important things. And it’s not always accurate. For example, even if your dreams were 40% accurate for predicting the future, that’s INCREDIBLE, but still not really good enough to be useful.
Maybe… just maybe, one of those sexy, hot, incredibly joyful dreams will get to come true for you. It happens. It really does!
Having an incredibly sexy dream is such a great experience. And you get to have hundreds of dreams like that, maybe thousands, for the rest of your life (you’ve probably already had thousands! On average, you dream 3-5 times a night!).
You will go through a cycle every 90 minutes when you are sleeping, and after about 40-60 minutes, you will go into deep REM (rapid-eye-movement) sleep. This is where you dream. This is where you get truly lost in the mind and imagine crazy scenarios. I will help you stay somewhat lucid during this, but I will steer you in a very sexual direction.
Some people orgasm in their sleep. When it happens to men, it’s obvious. But it happens to women all the time without them even realizing.
Most men also have erections during their sleep. It is very normal, as the body is going through it’s cycles. The energy (and hormones like testosterone) and flowing through the body in cycles during this time. Ask any nurse that takes care of sleeping people. They will tell you that most men get a nice tent in their pants during deep sleep.
Having erotic dreams is very normal for everyone, and this sleep hypnosis file will make it much more normal for you. It will probably become your favorite way to sleep!


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