Just like Supreme Psychic Powers, this file gives you supernatural abilities, except this one is focused exclusively on the body.

Take a drink from the fountain of youth, where you become strong and young in body. You have similar abilities to a Wolverine mutant, without the need for any claws. You can reverse aging, heal instantly, and have high energy levels. Your senses are also heightened. Thick hair growth on your head, even growing back if necessary.
Strength and masculinity. High functioning metabolism to burn down fat levels and even give you six pack abs.
Smooth youthful skin, organs, and the body of an Olympic gymnastics athlete or fitness model.


  1. Tracey

    I’m using this with HynoTabs and Youthful. I’ve been listening for 3 weeks. Supernatural Body I added last week.
    Everyone who sees me comments on how different I look. My face has changed shape, my skin looks renewed, younger. I’ve been in a wheelchair for 2 years. This Friday, I got up and walked. I’m able to do squats from the ground, all the way to standing.
    I got stemcells September 11 -2018. It looks like they have been activated again!
    The changes are recovering my life. I feel like I have myself back. I am flexible, like a preteen.
    I feel amazing Than you Jack.

  2. B23

    I have listened to this track daily since early August of 2021. The most pronounced effect I have noticed is that it is assisting in the healing of my knee, which suffered a torn meniscus and the surgery.

    I still am listening to this daily, but have added “Sharp Mind” and “Alpha Male” to my stack.

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