This one is all about supernatural abilities. Improving the clarity of your insights and the power to control the energy within and around you. You can accomplish anything you want with these methods, and it feels great.

You will have improved chi powers, the control of energy within the body, and activating the entirety of the brain.

You gain great healing powers.

Superior Psychic abilities, clear-sight, even glimpsing into the future.

Ability to change the world around you.

Telepathy and communication with others.

Persuasive powers, charisma.

You become a Manifestation Mastermind, ability to make anything happen at your will.


  1. Robksf

    Great induction, then wonderful trance. Over 30 minutes of mind-expanding, limitation-reducing, positive, peaceful energy. Thank you Jack!

  2. Chris Bull

    I had signed up to emails for muscle and Jackson suggested this file to me. It’s had an amazing effect at taking my hypnosis to the next level.
    This was a game changer for me. The words used by Jackson really resonate with me and are pleasant to hear. Thanks Jack x

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