It’s easier to be the best. It is truly better to be on top. Things come to you easily. You are completely unafraid because you take action and get it done quickly and easily. That’s what this recording is  all about.
Nothing can stop you.
You will not settle for mediocre. Being mediocre means living according to someone else’s plan.
Being mediocre means accepting scarcity and scavenging the crumbs of abundance.

Let go of any old ideas…  You KNOW your inner self is capable of amazing things.
You will see all the sights that await you when you reach the top.

See you there.


Note: This file comes with two versions. The old version and the new version.


  1. martin

    Another amazing file thankyou Jack! Really makes me believe I can do or be anything I want.
    I don’t know how, but your work just gets better and better! Only problem is: I don’t know which file to listen to first lol

  2. Eric Forbes

    I started with one of your free YouTube tracks — Muscle Growth No Workout Needed – and found myself going so deep, right from the first listen! After having success with that one, I decided to purchase a few tracks here to support your work. This one — The Champion — is quickly becoming my favorite. So relaxing and affirming. Just what I needed. Thanks, Jack!

  3. Stephen

    Awesome file. My first, and what a great file to start with. It was the first time I felt like I truly went into trance, and it was so good. I came out of trance feeling so good. Thanks!

  4. Chris Bull

    This file is great. It works well with others in the same vein like Sharp Mind and Alpha Male. I really like the affirmations and enjoy listening to the file, and really enjoy the longer term effects.

  5. B23

    I get very tranced by this, and on conjunction with Sharp Mind and Supernatural Body it is shifting my fundamental attitude. I had gone through a very dark summer, but my listening regimen is turning things around.

    I love the section where one is asked to bring to mind experiences of sounds, tastes and smells connected to really good experiences.

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