Ultimate Chest focuses on building a large muscular chest, in both the upper and lower regions. It also focuses a little bit on the arms (especially the triceps, because they are involved with pushing movements)
The recording will guide you through a virtual workout. Please familiarize yourself with the following exercises before you start:
-Bench Press
-Incline Bench Press
-Cable Flys

For more info, read the FAQ

You can also get the Full Muscle Program Here



    This is an amazing file, I love the scene of relaxation, my mind being free to only focus on my pecs. I have used this file for the first time with my chest workout my chest (pecs) are rock hard and look amazing. Thanks Jack

  2. Zeus

    I love this file. It encourages me through jacks voice to get the best chest. I do the reps as he commands them. It makes me feel bigger everyday.

  3. Will

    This file is my favorite of the ultimate muscle program. It’s both incredibly relaxing and gets you focused on building the biggest chest you can. Another aspect I like is that it also touches on the triceps, which I actually work on when I do my physical chest day. So you get to double dip in a sense. Highly recommend.

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