Pop this on during your workout session and go into a waking trance, guided to lift. Relaxing your mind while your body squeezes and pulls heavy weights. Let go of your thoughts, you don’t need them during this time. The only thing you need is heavy lifting, while your mind becomes empty, blissful, and thoughtless. All your worries and pointless thoughts are gone.

This is your time to let the whole world go, and let your lifting session become a relaxing vacation in muscle build paradise.

Three different voice tones used to confuse the mind and help you think less while you exercise


BONUS: Play this during your sleep, and your mind will be in muscle building mode all night. An entire night’s sleep in anabolic mode. Works best if listen while awake at least once first.


  1. chris

    Really works even better if it had asmr as a reward for hitting a target

  2. thewiredslain

    How about an aerobic one as well, for running or biking? When you are jogging you have the same kind of repetitive motions but with fewer distractions it’s even easier to naturally zone out. I might actually start enjoying running if I were able to slip into a natural runner’s high that just keeps going and doesn’t fade.

  3. John

    This file is great for looping while asleep. My sleep isn’t disrupted and I feel like I have had a workout the next day. I most definitely feel it in my abs and glutes. I am thinking I might request a swimming trance custom file if that’s possible.

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