One of the most popular uses for hypnosis is weight loss. It’s a very common desire, and it has also been proven to work countless times.

Drop pounds off the body, making you thinner and lighter in general.

Also may decrease visceral fat (stored in the abdomen and surrounding organs)

Does not imply making any effort, as this is intended to happen automatically and subconsciously.

Combos with Construction Crew


Weight loss is a process that is best done with time and self appreciation.  DO NOT be fooled by regimes that drop weight extremely quickly. This will cause your weight to come back! This approach is intended to specifically keep weight off permanently.

Let go of resistance to the natural love of your body, and then let your body take care of what needs to be done.

Listen regularly for best results

Runtime: 30 mins


  1. Mike T.

    What does “Listen regularly” mean? Daily? Weekly?

    • JackStock

      Can vary by person but do it every day or two

  2. H

    Jack’s content is immensely focusing, using this to help me attain my goals

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