A very well-received (fan favorite!) fantasy recording that will leave you with some amazing sensations, even days after you have listened to it. It’s quite the experience, and it is very visceral and real-feeling. Just read the reviews below!

Quick summary: You lay down to rest in the forest, where you soon meet up with a gigantic werewolf creature, taking you away and transforming you into another creature just like them. You eventually wake up as a furry, muscular wolf-man. As the full moon approaches, you will notice your inner werewolf coming to life.

Runtime: 26 Mins



  1. martin

    must-of read my mind, I was just thinking “hmmm, Transform Hypnosis, with a werewolf in the title, and no werewolf file?” Cant wait for the next full moon!

  2. Matthew

    This file is amazing! It makes me feel so hairy and muscular, and basically like an animal in general. I can feel the hair growing all over my body as my muscles get pumped up and I feel so much pleasure. One of my favorite files by far based on the transformation, feeling of absolute pleasure, and how deep the trance makes me go. Will definitely be listening to this file daily!

  3. Bullyboy

    After I heard this one I thought it was ok. It wasn’t until hours later that I realized the power of this file. I had a great physical experience later that night that was VERY wonderful to say the least. My muscles are vibrating with growth. I feel like this super sexual masculine beast. During the full moon the intensity was almost too strong to bear. It lasted for days. Since then I’ve been listening to it daily. It has become my favorite file. I’ve only had it for one full moon so I have no idea what’s going to have during the next one. Each time I listen I experience a new aspect of pure pleasure, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I love Jack. He is everything to me!!

  4. Stephen Wheatley

    Love the weirwolf file makes me feel inviceble powerfull and wild all files are brilliant fantastic words carnt express my gratitude to transeform hypnosis

  5. Warp1

    Another enjoyable trance. I had some bouts of anxiety the first listen through when there was just the background noise and no voice, but repeat listening doesn’t have the same problem anymore. I could really feel the changes through the file – mentally of course.

  6. Kyle

    This was very enjoyable. I would certainly recommend it.

  7. joshuafarag

    Yeah this is probably one of my favorites i love the way it makes u feel the entire time went down really quickly with this

  8. derekgodfrey

    I’ve listened to it once just now, seemed like a pleasant deep hypnosis.

    I will leave another comment after any noticing effects.

  9. Tom

    I love how Jack connects me to the animal with this file. I feel so relaxed and so strong, hairy, and big.

  10. T

    What I like about this file is how smoothly and calmly Jack relaxes me and brings me to a place of deep enjoyment. I really feel as though I’m discovering the wolf inside for the first time every time but afterwards I feel even more strongly the way the muscles ripple all over my torso and the hairs bristle on my skin. I can’t wait to unleash the wolf that this file unleashes in me.

  11. Sarah

    I love this…I found it so very sensual.

  12. Hui

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