Attractiveness – you’re better than you think

Attractiveness – you’re better than you think

First – what does it really mean to be attractive?

Attractiveness is not necessarily about looks. It is the ability to attract. The ability to pull in and acquire your wants and needs, including people, physical items, and experiences. But it mainly refers to the attraction of other people, because we live in a world where most people want to feel love, attention, and affection (as they rightly should!)

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You can still pull great things into your life experience even if you aren’t good looking! When you magnetize things to yourself, this makes you more attractive – even in regards to how other people see you.

If you can attract something, then you are attractive.

You already know that women are generally more attracted to wealthy men. We all know the stereotype of a young lady sleeping with a wealthy but decrepit old man, hoping he drops during his last throes of ecstasy, leaving all his riches to the young girl. But that’s all that is — a stereotype, popular only because it’s hilarious (and pretty morbid). Here’s the reality, though. Women aren’t attracted to money. They’re just attracted to the same things that attract money– action, growth, abundance, and positivity.

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Your attractiveness (or lack of it) is nothing more than a hypnotic trance

If you truly believe that you are attractive, you will become much more attractive. Likewise, if you think of yourself as ugly or unwanted, it really shows.

Imagine someone who feels they are ugly – drooping in defeat, tense, frowning, critical and envious of others.
Now think of someone who feels they are attractive – standing tall, relaxed, smiling more, friendly and encouraging of others.
It’s easy to see which one is going to appear more attractive. The attractive-believing version of you is literally more attractive than an ugly-believing version! Your belief equals reality.
Even if you had two exact copies of yourself – having the exact same genetics and environment, but one version feels ugly and the other version feels attractive, the two different selves would be vastly different.

You can change

You are flexible, plastic and able to change. Your attractiveness is not solid and defined. It depends only on what mind-state you are under, and have been under in the recent past. Perhaps you can even remember a person that was so much more delightful because of the way they think. Maybe it’s their persona, their values, interests, or sense of humor. You’re probably already thinking of them now. That special person. You know who it is.

For someone, you ARE that special person. And if not now, then you will be soon.

The false assumption that good-looking people only like other good-looking people

Just because you view somone as attractive and unavailable does not mean that they are. Other people have thoughts, feelings, and ideas that are completely separate from yours — crazy, right? Actually, the way someone looks themselves has very little effect on the way they view you, because of how vastly different our perceptions of reality are.

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So forget everything you thought you knew about everyone on Earth. Because you cannot feel through another person’s hands, and you cannot see through another’s eyes.

You. Know. Nothing.

Wouldn’t it be great to go back in time and relive an entire life in someone else’s shoes?

Unfortunately, all of their deep sorrows, dreams, and excitements will remain a mystery forever. You will never be able to fully understand what they find pleasurable. Maybe that guy really likes glasses. Maybe that girl loves dimples and punk-rock. Humans are like Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans. You could meet new people every day for the rest of your life and never find anyone with the exact same desires.

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
Humans come in every flavor imaginable, too


Maybe you remember that campaign showing that people generally have a harsher view of themselves than other people do. A forensic artist depicting their description of themselves and the version other people see. This is hypnosis at work.
Attraction hypnosis: Years of comparing yourself to others and examining your flaws will give you a skewed version of reality.

One person descirbed by themselves and a stranger
Seems to imply that you are more beautiful than you think. Photo credit: Dove

Confident thoughts improve your looks

The better you feel about yourself, the better you appear! So let go of anything holding you back, and you will instantly become more attractive. You’ll even find it easier to keep up with your daily hygiene and beauty rituals because you appreciate yourself.


wrinkly smiling man with a cowboy hat on,
When people can see the life in you, they want to be around you – even if you aren’t perfect

Celebrate the life in your body

Even now, you can be silent and still for a moment. You can notice the sensations in your hands. Relax and feel the life in your fingers and palms. What does it feel like for you?
You are an intricate creation, forged from billions of years of molecular evolution. Your body regulates every organ, heals wounds and sickness, hugs other people, and pets animals.
You can feel every millimeter of sensation on your body.
Your body takes you to forests, valleys, and through sprawling cities where you meet thousands of unique people. Each one looks completely different and has a unique outlook on life.


Replace your old hypnosis with new hypnosis

Any remaining unwanted thoughts are nothing but hypnosis, so let’s replace them with new hypnosis.
You know the truth about your beauty, so it will be very easy to make this reality.
So relax and let this enter into your mind.
Calmly. In the best way you could possibly imagine.
So that this is the easiest thing in the world for you.
So that you enjoy the sensation of appreciating yourself. And it feels good.
It is natural and easy.
So first-nature that it seems to happen all on it’s own.

So think to yourself:
All people are unique, and so am I.
(Focus on feeling how unique you are for 5-15 seconds)

I love looking exactly the way I am!
(Appreciate the way you look now and remember how your gratitude makes you look even better)

I look great, and It only gets better!
(Imagine that you have never looked better than you do now)

Just for today, I let go of any false thought about my body.
(Make an intention to let go now. You can let go for just one day.)

In fact, you may find it hard to remember it being any other way!

Whether you are looking for weight loss hypnosis, attraction hypnosis, or any body change material, remember that loving your body the way it is NOW is the only way to make genuine improvements to yourself.
Love yourself first.


Build a strong base of self love and appreciation before you build up new layers. Your structure will hold strong and you will rise higher than you ever realized you could go.

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  1. Very good points all round Jack! I downloaded your love fat file and it’s the first of your files I’ve struggled with. I think way too many of us have a warped and negative image of ourselves which influences the whole of our experience!
    I really hope I have the courage to continue listening to this latest file from you, and I Know that your usually compassion and support throughout the file will help!
    Thanks Jack xxx

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