Review: Self Hypnosis As You Read 42 Life-Changing Scripts

Review: Self Hypnosis As You Read 42 Life-Changing Scripts

Falling into a trance already

Forbes Robbins Blair has written this interesting book with a very different flair than most books you can ever find. This is DEFINITELY a very different deal than what you are used to. Have you ever even heard of a book like this before? Probably not. And I think more authors should take note and make these types of books.

This book addresses you, the reader, very specifically. As you read the script that you wish, you will become hypnotized into a trance as you read. The method is fantastic and Blair has laid it out very well. You can tell he knows how this is done. Well, this isn’t his first time writing a book like this, so there’s no surprise.

First you read an induction script (your choice of 4, they are all quite good). Then you read the script containing the effects that you want. This is really effective for a number of reasons. First of all, you are reading it, so you follow each and every word very closely. Secondly, you are instructed to read very slowly and this causes an automatic trance. Not to mention the fact that reading is already a light trance in itself (often a very DEEP trance too). Absolutely brilliant.

This book is recommended if you like a few of the scripts contained within. Honestly, you aren’t going to read all of them, just a select few. Especially when some are very specific ones such as “stop drinking coffee” and “stutter anxiety relief”, all the way to “freedom from porn addiction”.

The “perpetual stress relief” script is excellent and HIGHLY recommended to anyone. If you would like this one and at least one or two more scripts, then this is totally worth it.

Rating: 9/10

Excellent book, but I didn’t like the way some of the suggestions were done. I used a marker to cover the parts that I didnt like. It was only a few paragraphs in total. Otherwise this is 10/10


Full list of scripts:

Perpetual stress relief

Drop the last ten pounds

Let go of the baby weight

social anxiety relief

money Stress relief

manifest a new job

save more money

get over your ex

fall back in love with your mate

magnetic sex appeal

approach hot women

delay and intensify ejaculations

expand your comfort zone

pursue your dream

stop overreacting

stop cussing

more loving and affectionate

embrace your age

love my body as it is

shrink cancerous tumors

fibromyalgia relief

tinnitus relief

freedom from eczema

IBS relief

feel fine with heights

overcome hypochondria

release fear of abandonment

override fear of rejection

okay with confrontation

comfortable expressing anger

freedom from porn addiction

conquer compulsive masturbation

stop drinking coffee

eat less chocolate

love cleaning house

break shopping addiction

stutter anxiety relief

overcome blushing

never be late again

tennis focus

sports excellence

be more psychic and intuitive

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  1. Hey Paul, thanks a lot! Glad to hear that it helps you, and that you are helping other people too. Yes, people really like it when they get a custom file that speaks their name.

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