Ultimate Muscle FAQ/Guide

Ultimate Muscle FAQ/Guide

What is The Ultimate Muscle Hypnosis Program?

A daily program designed to intensely focus on a different muscle group each day of the week.

This is not just for those who want to improve their shape a little. This is intended as a daily commitment. This is for those who wish to reach their limit and go beyond it. Designed to make you as large and sculpted as possible.

Just like playing a sport, you will get better with time and practice. You will get better at following the virtual exercises and better at relaxing, even when doing hard exercises in real life.

As you visualize exercising with power, you will begin to feel those powerful feelings during your real exercise sessions. This enhances your workout.

Likewise, after exercising, you will remember those exact sensations of lifting weights and this will enhance your hypnosis sessions. It is a positive-feedback system.

Hypnotic sessions improve your workout. Your workout improves your hypnotic sessions.

Decide your weekly hypnosis listening schedule and stick to it.


Monday – Ultimate Chest

Tuesday – Ultimate Arms

Wednesday – Ultimate Legs

Thursday – Ultimate Shoulders

Friday – Ultimate Back

Saturday – Ultimate Abs

Sunday – Ultimate Recovery

If you are working out, listen to it before your workout. I.e. Ultimate Chest before your chest workout, or Ultimate Legs before your leg workout. You could also listen to it after, but before is better–it will make your workout that much more intense and enjoyable.

There is an exception though. If you tend to get too sleepy after listening, it is best to listen before bed.

These are the exercises included in each virtual workout

Note: This is not meant to be your actual workout, it is simply a visualization to activate your mind-muscle connection

Ultimate Chest

-Bench Press
-Incline Bench Press
-Cable Flys

Ultimate Arms

-Bicep curls
-Lying Tricep Extensions
-Hammer curls
-Tricep Pushdowns

Ultimate Legs

-Sitting leg curls
-Standing calf raises
-Sitting calf raises

Ultimate shoulders

-Shoulder press
-Lateral/side raise
-Upright cable row
-Rear delt raise


-Bent-over row
-Cable row


-Leg lifts
-Side Crunch


-None, just an extra deep relaxation and rejuvenation session


Can women also use The Ultimate Muscle Program?

Yes, it works the same.

What if I feel confused by the voices and sounds during the workout part?

Being confused is fine, in fact it may make it work better because it bypasses the rational mind (calculative thinking may impede progress)

Isn’t it bad to work with so many different files at the same time?

No, it still works because all of them are essentially doing the same thing, but each recording hits it from another angle.

What if I don’t have time to do it every single day?

That’s fine, just set a schedule of 3-4 days a week and set up a reoccurring alarm on your phone as a reminder to do it.

What if I do a Push/Pull/Legs split?

Listen to the Chest recording on push day, The Back recording on back day, and the legs recording on leg day.

Can I change the order of the audios I listen to?

Yes, the order doesn’t matter. Just let it follow your workout as close as possible.

What about rest days?

Use the Ultimate Recovery file on rest days.

Can I change the split each week/alternate splits?

Sure, that’s no problem. It’s up to you to make a good split.

What if I miss a day or two of listening?

Don’t worry about it. Just continue and do the listening you were supposed to do that day. The great thing about improving your mental strength is that it lasts longer than physical strength, and it comes back much faster after a long period without training.

Why is it split into 7 different recordings?
it accompanies your workout. Making a recording for each muscle group makes better focus and detail so that it makes the best results possible.

What if I like to do chest/triceps/shoulders in one day?
Use the chest recording. it goes over all of that.

What if I like to do back/biceps in one day?

Use the Ultimate Back recording. It works on your back and biceps.

What’s a good training split?

Read this guide to help you decide.


Do I have to do all of them?
No. You may choose to only do certain ones if you like. You may not have time to listen every day, so you can just schedule the ones you want.

What’s the best audio to burn fat and become lean while doing this?
Listen to Ultimate Abs, as that one has a focus on a lean stomach, eating well, and burning fat while you build lean muscle.

Can I just listen to the audios and still get muscle gains?

Yes, you will receive improvements to your body, even without extra exercise.

What happens if I do workout after listening?

The effect works even better that way. The ‘visualization’ during your session is effective for growth, and exercise is also effective. If you combine them, you will have a much bigger effect than just visualization or exercise alone. Studies show that this combination works best.

What if I’m feeling sore, sick, or injured, and I can’t work out?

Any of these recordings will be ideal for you to continue your fitness goals, but you can also listen to Ultimate Recovery for extra healing. This audio is much deeper and more relaxing, so it is best suited for these times when you are sore, or need some downtime to repair.


You can find the Ultimate Muscle Program here

Legal Disclaimer:

These recordings are not meant to treat any diseases or injuries that you may have. You are responsible for your own well being. See a licensed physician if you have physical or mental problems. Never listen to any of the advertised recordings while driving or operating machinery. These audio recordings are not intended for those under the age of 18

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