Whats it like to be a woman or man?

Whats it like to be a woman or man?

I really like gender-bending. You might notice this website has a bunch of different masculine/feminine related files. Body changes, mind changes, personality changes, all of it. It’s a really fun subject.

But what does it even mean to be male or female? In truth, the mind has no gender. I mean — sure, men typically have better 3D perception, and females tend to be more emotionally adept (understanding). But most differences truly are just caused by the societal environment. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that though. That’s why it’s embraced here. I know that females and males are not that different in mind, and that culture is the main difference, but it’s really fun to play with it anyway. Wouldn’t you like to have this experience of what it’s like to be ultra-feminine? Or maybe you just want to be a manly man. You should get to experience whichever one you want. That’s why there’s so many files like Masculine Mind Implant, Feminine Mind Implant, Feminine Hormones, and many more gender-based concepts coming to you in the future, you can be assured of that.

We can define ourselves any way that we want!

But what ARE these perceived differences of the genders? Well let’s look at this from the ideal perspective. The best characteristics that are cherished and valued. This is often called the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

The Divine Feminine is characterized by sensuality (the senses), renewal, creation, healing, receptivity (or submission), openness, understanding, intuition, and wisdom.

On the other hand, the Divine Masculine is often understood as action, focus, generosity, encouragement, material wealth, intellect, growth, and taking on fears.

There’s a lot more to it, but this is the basics. The two different perceptions mirror each other in a slightly different way. The feminine likes to feel things, while the masculine likes to really jump-start things into action. One side has wisdom, while the other side has vast intellect. This is a real yin/yang perspective, meaning that the characteristics simply balance and reflect.

Let’s make this clear — having more of one side than the other often does NOT NECESSARILY make you manly or girly. But here’s one advantage of having either characteristics: You will be VERY attractive to people. These kinds of personality traits are really what gets the reproductive engine going when people see it. Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend? How about just a playmate? You can definitely keep this in mind.

There’s a bad side to these traits as well. In the feminine side of things, you have victimization (I’m just a victim; he/she did something to me; it’s their fault; etc). You may also run into the problem of emotional sponging, where you pick up strong emotions off other people and make them your own. This can be a real problem if you live with some toxic people. Just remember what was just mentioned though, because you are not a victim. It’s up to you to go somewhere else if you dont like where you are.

On the masculine side, you can run into the power struggle, or the idea that someone is above or below you. This kind of thinking is simply not truthful, and it comes from a clouded mind. The other issue is trying to prove oneself. But the reality is simply that you are great the way you are. You know this truly, deep down, the same way an animal easily knows this.

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  1. i want to have my body feminized and my hormones if that possible and my voice and my mind to the feminized mind in the world that i think and love to do stuff like a women and have sex like a women.

  2. I want to sublimical ly get fatten up and devople just like a huge breasted wide pear shape fatgirl…..no masculinity what soever…and durning this time see myself as a fat girl already

  3. Love your files Jack, would love a file a feminization file that creates a desire/compulsion to dress up & apply makeup more and more – filling you with a deep happy, submissive feeling . Possibly trigger each time you receive a text or email.

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