Why am I so sensitive?

Why am I so sensitive?

I hear it all the time.

“I wish I wasn’t so emotionally sensitive.”

“Why do I have to feel like this so much”

“Why must I have emotions that so strong?”

It comes as pretty cute and endearing to me, though. Whenever I hear someone say this, I know that they may even have capability beyond the average person.

Having strong emotions is a sign of strength, capability, and powerful potential. It is NOT a sign that you are a drama queen. It is NOT a sign that you over-react to things too much.

If someone should call you such things, they are vastly mistaken. There is NO SUCH THING as over-reacting. You are reacting in exactly the way your emotions need you to.

If you have these strong emotional reactions or feelings, it is an indication that you have a message for yourself. Some inner part of you (and by extension, this universe), is sending you a strong message.

Can you hear the message?

Sometimes it makes no words. But you get that sensation of a feeling. It cannot even be put into words. Maybe your language has no words for that feeling. The Truth itself, is a feeling place, not a thing you can describe.

Having powerful emotions gives you the opportunity to sense things that others may miss. If you feel strong emotions like this, I want you to open up all your senses and let it flow through you with awareness. There are countless opportunities that you may be missing by ignoring these messages.

Having strong emotions allows you to go further and create greater things.

Just remember that you are NOT your emotions. Your feelings are just indicators, and you should NEVER feel bad for feeling the way you do. Your worth has no connection to the thoughts you have, the feelings inside your body, the emotions you can sense. None of those things define you.

Whenever you have strong emotions, from now on, you will remember that this is not who you are.

You might say “I am depressed”. But depression is not what you are. It would be more accurate to say that “there is depression”. It may not sound right in English, but this is how it really is.

You might say “I am anxious”. But again, you are not anxiety. There simply IS anxiety. And that will pass, too.

You will even come to a point, inevitably, where you say to yourself “I am happy”. But you are not happiness, either.

You are not your emotions!

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  1. I agree completely. So often we are taught to not respond with emoation but only with logic, but by doing so we cheapen our high calling and dull our Devine hood even more.

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